Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Coenzyme Q10 is commonly known as coq10. Our body has 100 trillion cells. Coq10 is available in all the cells. Why? This is because, this nutrition facilitates for energy metabolism. In this article we will see its benefits, its sources and also supplement in the form of coenzyme Q10 capsules.

The food we take before it gets converted into energy is synthesized as a chemical substance called adenosine tri-phosphate (ATR). This is the store house in all the cells. To produce this ATP, coq10 is essential. Without this, ATP cannot be produced.

Having understood the importance of this nutrition for our energy metabolism, we should understand where in our body we need more energy.

We all know that heart is very important for our survival. It is the most dynamic organ in our body. It beats 100, 000 times a day and 35 million times a year. Obviously, our heart requires more energy than any other organ in our body. Nature is very kind to us that this coq10 is deposited more in and around the heart. Any deficiency of this coenzyme with reference to heart will lead to a disease called diastolic heart failure.

What does that mean? I can explain in a simple manner. After the heart contracts to pump out the blood, it reverses to its original position to get blood inside. The deficiency of coq10 will lead to stiffness of the tissues of the ventricle and the process of reversal is affected. This phase is called diastole. The blood instead of coming into the heart, stagnate here and there. This will lead to potential cardiac problem.

As I said, in all our cells this coenzyme is present because it is very important to facilitate providing energy. For our healthy life, heart, blood vessels and quality blood are very important. The quality blood should have this coq10 apart from other nutrition. When this is ensured, healthy heart and the blood vessels are guaranteed. This will provide required oxygen and nutrition to the nook and corner of our body and we will be healthy.

Apart, it is also proved that this nutrition is helpful for periodontal complaints. In such cases, topical application is also suggested.

This coenzyme is called ubiquinone. That means it is available everywhere in our body. This shows the importance of this nutrition.

Now that we appreciate the role played by coq10, we should never allow that level to go down. Meat, poultry and fish products are rich in coq10. Also spinach and broccoli are also able to provide this nutrition. In case of deficiency, before going in for coenzyme q10 capsules, we should opt for natural food. There is no doubt about this.

We should also realize that we are not living in an ideal world where we get all the required nutrition for our body from the daily food we eat. The solution lies in natural nutrition supplement not limiting to single nutrition.

Coq10 supplement is available in many forms. Oil based capsules, powder filled capsules, tablets, gels and injection are commonly available in the market. Each manufacturer will claim that his product is the best. There are few important points one should keep in mind.

Do not pray fall into cheap products. They might use synthetic chemicals using tobacco to modify and get coq10 supplement. They are dangerous. Be ware.

It is a fat soluble substance. Generally it should be taken along with olive oil or peanut butter or like products. In such cases, it dissolves and offer full benefit.

Why only coq10 alone? We learnt from the above that to have a healthy life, we should not limit to coenzyme q10 capsules, but we should look in a holistic approach.

Let us come to the important and final conclusion. Any nutrition taken in isolation does not offer the best results. In fact, it might tilt the balance. The best option is to go in for complete planned natural nutrition supplement.

Take for instance a product called Total Balance. This has more than 70 natural herbs and salts added in an appropriate dosage basis research done by reputed scientists. This has coq10 also. This will bring you the desired results to have a healthy life including resolving cardiac or any other problems that coenzyme q10 capsules can do. You should visit my website to learn more on nutrition, health and wellness. I am confident you benefit.