Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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Impeccable oral hygiene and the observance of a healthy way of living is a necessity that cannot be done away with. In doing so, not only can you prevent foul odors emanating from your mouth but physically you will be keeping yourself medically fit. Current scientific trends indicate that good healthy habits go a long way in preventing disease but also immaculately keep your mouth odor free. This is the best and proven method of doing away with ‘Halitosis’.

Chronic foul odor from your mouth is due to anaerobic microbes present in the buccal cavity, especially at the rear anterior portion of the tongue. The smells that emanate are very repulsive and at times reek like rotten eggs. Now, here lies the all important question. Why only certain individuals’ mouths smell? And, what best should be done to permanently remove these malodors? Proper nutrition and regular flossing, brushing of teeth and mouth washing are essential factors in preventing bad breath.

Teeth and gums must be well-taken care of. Periodic dental checkups are essential for good oral hygiene. Immediate attention should be paid to the first signs of tooth decay or cavity formation. Keep your tongue and sinuses clean and bacteria free. Respiratory and digestive illnesses, mouth diseases, and chronic ailments such as diabetes contribute to foul breath.

Chewing of tobacco and smoking are two other main factors that actively generate foul odors. Alcohol should also be avoided. Smoking and alcohol make the mouth dry and prevent the secretion of saliva, which actively prevents the formation of bacteria. Consult a good nutritionist and ascertain the type of food you need to consume. A carbohydrate-free diet will produce ketone bodies. Ketones emit an obnoxious odor when exhaled. Potatoes, pasta and whole grains in moderation can be consumed. Adequate zinc supplements, Vitamin C and Vitamin B are important for your good health. So, ensure that these are a part and parcel of your food intake.

Halitosis cannot be easily got rid off. It takes time and patience. Try out natural remedies initially. In case these are ineffective seek medical advice and go in for a good foul-odor dispensing liquid or chewable. Your mouth will be odor-free and will smell naturally. Use the product over a period of time and ensure that your mouth remains afresh at all times. Thereafter, you can start living a healthy life with proper oral hygiene. You would have got rid of this bad breath embarrassment. Act now and follow good mouth cleanliness and adhere to a lifestyle based on nutritious food and clean habits. You would have made your day.