Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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From easily buying a condom online in India to why it is essential to wear a condom for every sexual encounter, this article discusses the many benefits of condoms.

Sex is a necessary part of every romantic relationship. Within the sexual dynamics of the couple is a core element that is often quite underrated: the condom.

For the uninitiated, condoms are a sheath that the man wears on an erect penis, to collect discharge of semen during intercourse. After sex, the condom is simply pulled off the penis and thrown away.

It is often the best contraceptive method. There are several reasons for this, as detailed in the following sections:

* It is easy to purchase and use.

Unlike other forms of birth control which must be administered by a doctor (the oral contraceptive pill, hormonal patch or injections, inserting an IUD or even a vasectomy), a condom can be purchased and used without a doctor’s prescription. It is also the most cost-effective birth control method. If you are too embarrassed to buy it from a pharmacy, you can buy condoms online in India, from the manufacturers’ or e-commerce websites.

* It does not harm the wearer.

Most other forms of contraception cause some side effects, whether minor or severe. These side effects range from weight gain, weakness, headaches, mood swings, etc. Now contrast this with a condom: you wear it just before penetration, and discard it immediately after use. There is no need to keep it on, and it is easily disposable. The condom does not harm you in any way, nor is it uncomfortable for your partner. You must only know how to wear the condom correctly without tearing it, or making it burst during sex. However, some women might report a slight allergic reaction to the latex, so this is one factor to watch out for.

* It can enhance sexual pleasure.

Contrary to popular opinion that condoms reduce the joy of sex, the best condom brands in India design condoms for greater sexual pleasure. You can try a thin condom to get maximum skin-on-skin contact, or a ribbed and dotted condom for her pleasure, or a long stay variant that delays his climax and speeds up hers. The kind of sexual pleasure you seek depends on the kind of condom you pick and whether you know how to wear the condom correctly.

* It keeps you and your partner protected.

The basic point of using a condom is to practice safe sex in an easy and fun way. Condoms are quite effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. They also create an effective barrier between the exchange of bodily fluids, thus staving off the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Using a condom is essential if you have a new sexual partner, or if you and your partner are not exclusively committed to each other.

Buy condoms online in India directly from the manufacturer. The condoms are sent in a discreet pack, and you can even buy combinations of lubes and different condom packs at a good price.