Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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Doing yoga is a must for improving your health and immunity, but surely you do not want to attract diseases by doing Yoga? What? Surprised? I’m not joking.

You could go and catch some infections if you do Yoga by using the same Yoga mat daily without a Yoga mat cover. How? Let me explain.

Why is Yoga Mat Cover a Must for Yoga Mats?

Yoga mats are used to offer a cushioning and balancing surface for people to perform yoga on. These mats are used daily and laid on the ground. They accumulate dust, dirt, oil, hair strands, pollen, microbe and whatnot from the ground. Added to this is the sweat that oozes out like a river from your body when you do yoga. This causes all the dirt and mud to stick to the Yoga mat and breed microbes. These microbe cause skin-diseases, infection and other health issues.

Why invite infections when you want to fight them through yoga? It is best to use a Yoga mat cover of good quality to cover your Yoga mat. This Yoga mat cover will keep your Yoga at clean and dry and free form disease -caking microbes. All you have to do is beat the dust off your yoga mat, let it dry and wrap it in the Yoga mat cover to keep it clean and hygienic.

So. next time you buy a Yoga mat, buy a top-quality Yoga mat cover along with it from a trusted supplier.

What to look for while buying a Yoga mat cover?

Buying a Yoga mat cover may seem easy but there are a lot of precautions to take and factors to regard when deciding on a yoga mat cover and they are given below.

  1. Is your Yoga mat cover durable?

You have bought a thick good quality Yoga mat from a good supplier. now do not be stingy and save money by buying a flimsy Yoga mat cover. The Yoga mat cover must be equally robust to enclose the Yoga mat. This is because the Yoga mat cover is going to be used daily with the Yoga mat and so it must withstand rough use.

The Yoga mat cover must not be made of delicate or flimsy material that can easily tear with dial-up use and washing. The material should not be too thick either as it must circulate air for the mat to dry. So, select a yoga mat cover of durable material with fat colours that do not run off or fade. Let the yoga mat cover be sturdy enough to withstand regular use and wear and tear.

  1. Is your Yoga mat cover washable?

Yoga mats used daily accumulate dust and dirt. When they are enclosed in Yoga mat covers, even after proper drying and shaking out of the dust, the dirt sticks to the Yoga mat cover. So, yoga mat covers should be washed frequently.

Select a yoga mat cover with a good material that does not tear on washing. The colours and design prints of the yoga mat cover must also not run off or fade with regular washing and drying.

Yoga mat cover bought from reliable supplier always last long and are frequently washable.

  1. Does your Yoga mat cover dry easily?

Some people do Yoga even twice a day or once daily. Then your Yoga mats and Yoga mat covers need to be washed frequently to avoid the stench of sweat and the risk of infections. Then, your Yoga mat cover must dry easily too to be ready for the next use.

Yoga mat covers made of nylon or polyester are washable and dry quickly. They are durable and last long.

  1. Is your Yoga mat cover waterproof?

When you buy a Yoga mat cover, make sure that it can withstand both the sun and rain. Rubber or synthetic Yoga mat covers may become sticky with heat. Some others may run colour in the rain or fade in the sun. So choose a yoga mat cover of good quality weatherproof material to protect your Yoga mat safely for your yoga routine.

A weatherproof Yoga mat cover is a definite requirement for your daily Yoga which you will do even in rainy weather.

  1. Does your Yoga mat cover breathe?

Yoga mats become wet with sweat and need to be dried before keeping them in a Yoga mat cover. Still, sometimes there is a residual layer of wetness in the mat. This cause a bad smell to arise from the mat.  good Yoga mat cover can prevent this easily.

Your yoga mat cover must have minute air pores to allow air to circulate and dry the yoga mat and keep it free from sweat  Your yoga mat cover must allow your Yoga mat to breathe and dry off the wetness to be free from stench and infections.

It is not merely enough if you do Yoga with a good yoga mat. Protect yourself from diseases and infections by enclosing your yoga mats in Yoga mat covers bought from reliable suppliers who assure you of good quality hygienic material for your Yoga mat covers.