Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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Several people are opting for unconventional methods for weight loss. With a myriad of weight loss techniques that have been tried and tested by millions, people are ready to explore alternate options. The idea of hypnosis is still met with skepticism due to misconceptions about what is it. However, it is an effective way to achieve desired weight as it helps you gain control over your cravings. We don’t realize it but our unconscious plays a very important role in determining our actions, thoughts and feelings. By targeting the unconscious mind with powerful suggestion techniques, a hypnotherapist works on developing a new and positive thinking pattern in relation with food and exercise.

Believing in the goodness of health and encouraging healthy living, Chiropractor Sydney works to bring quality to life Chiropractor Sydney a unique method of healing through several alternative therapies like kinesiology, Medical hypnotherapy and other integrated physical and energetic medicine, promoting health and wellness.

The value and importance of health cannot be neglected. Good health is a necessary to one and all and our wellness clinic brings forward revolutionary alternative therapies and procedures to improve the quality of life. The clinic offers an integrated approach to healing patients through treatments like reflexology, chiropractic, acupuncture, hypnotherapy etc. Led by the accomplished and esteemed licensed chiropractor, the clinic has gained recognition and acclaim for its effective and safe procedures and practices. Attaining good health and relieving pain is the sole motive of the clinic, and the team ensures that patients receive excellent health care. Since its inception, the endeavor of the clinic has been to deliver excellence in terms of patient care and health.

Our wellness clinic is run by doctors who practice TBM, Re-patterning, Kinesiology, Medical Hypnotherapy, NOT, and other forms of energy medicine. For over 15 years, our doctor has been serving his clients and helping them attain optimal health to enjoy the goodness of life.