Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Wellbutrin is the name of a drug that’s permitted by the FDA for the treatment of depression, SAD, and for helping people quit smoking. GPs also normally recommend it to patients for treating different “off-label” conditions. Among them are bipolar disorder, ADHD, obesity, and sexual problems.

Wellbutrin is categorized as an antidepressant. However, it functions differently from other universally used antidepressants that include SSRIs and SNRIs. Wellbutrin boosts the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine. However, it does not affect serotonin.

Wellbutrin isn’t the first selection for the treatment of depression. However, numerous studies reveal that it’s just as efficient as the most generally recommended antidepressants class, the SSRIs. Different from SSRIs, Wellbutrin has no side effects that include weight gain or sexual dysfunction.

It can be included to SSRI remedy in patients of depression who aren’t responding to regular therapy. Due to these characteristics, several specialists have recommended that this medicine can be a secure and efficient tool for the treatment of various disorders. These disorders cover the gamut from neuropathic pain to social phobia. A good place for purchasing Wellbutrin is

In spite of all of the prospective therapeutic values of Wellbutrin, some evidence of the abuse of this drug have been reported.

The Abuse of Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin is a valuable tool for helping patients live healthier, and happier lives due to:

  • It’sresourcefulness in the treatment of depressive disorders and
  • It’s successful track record as a smoking cessation medication

A preliminary study in humans proposed that bupropion had a low likeliness for abuse. This blend of security and efficiency led a few to consider Wellbutrin as the “wonder drug,” However, the truth is somewhat more complex.

Wellbutrin is making the headlines for bad reasons

Of late, quite a few Canadian news mediums have outlined the dilemma of Wellbutrin misuse, particularly as injections.These accounts stress on the easiness of acquiring Wellbutrin that people can buy sans a prescription

Almost 50% of the injection drug users of Toronto are projected to have given bupropion a try, in spite of the caustic effects. Toronto Health Physicians have expressed amazement at the continued abuse via injection following the most horrible lesions on users.

Experiments on Animals using Wellbutrin suggests that it has an addictive possibility. Concerns regarding likely abuse increased with individuals starting to post accounts regardingWellbutrin misuse online. The very first medicinal report on an instance of recreational Wellbutrin use was in the year 2002.

It’s true that much more study of the effects of recreational use of Wellbutrin is to be done. However, it seems that it’s capable of generating stimulant-sort of effects in doses much greater than prescribed doses. The maximum everyday dose of Wellbutrin is 450 mg. However, reported instances of misuse have involved the ingestion of between 600 and 1200 mg.

What sort of high does it produce?

Individuals who’ve misused the medication have explained the high from Wellbutrin abuse to be like stimulants that include cocaine. One man reported that he heardseveral voices after he started abusing Wellbutrin.

Some more common highs of Wellbutrin abuse include:

  • Sense of excitement
  • Euphoria
  • Greater energy and activity
  • Increased feeling of self-esteem.

However, the abuse of Wellbutrin can causehazardous side effects. Numerous instances of overdose have been reported. Among them are intentional abuse, attempts of suicide, and chance poisoning.