Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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Many women are not happy with their appearance as they lack body confidence. It can affect their self-esteem that can hold them back from making a good impression on others. The busy lifestyle has led to bad eating patterns and no physical activity that has led to weight gain commonly known as obesity. The fast food culture has led to obesity problem among youths in Singapore, which putting the health of people at risk.

Understanding the Adverse Effects

The obese people have a BMI (Body Mass Index) 30 or more. The height and weight are the important factors used for BMI calculation. Obesity can cause many health issues like;

  • Heart problems

Obesity can increase the cholesterol levels in the body that may get deposited on the heart walls causing block in the heart or other issues.

  • High cholesterol

The high levels of fat can increase the bad cholesterol in the blood that may affect the body negatively.

  • High Pressure

The excess fat in the body can cause issues in the blood flow in the body leading to hypertension.

  • Diabetes

The excess fat in the body can cause insulin resistance in the body that may lead to diabetes.

  • Fatty liver

The triglycerides in the body increases due to overweight that causes fatty liver.

  • Infertility

Obesity causes hormonal changes in the body that will cause issues in the reproductive organs leading to infertility.

Root Causes Leading to Complications

These problems can cause complications in the body that may prove fatal to the life. The common factors that cause obesity problem among youths in Singapore are;

  • Poor Diet

Eating a bad diet that consists of carbohydrates and fats can increase the calorie intake that exceeds the daily requirement. It leads to excess fat deposits in the body that gives an obese body. People mostly consume aerated drinks, fried food, or fast food that is high in calorie and low nutrients.

  • Sedentary lifestyle

The physical exertion can increase the metabolic rate that will assist in burning more calories effectively. The hectic lifestyle with no physical activity slows the metabolism that will result in obesity. The unburned calories became fat that leads to obesity.

  • Insomnia

Less sleep can cause havoc in the body as it changes the hormone balance in the body. It leads to craving of food that cause overweight.

  • Genetics

The DNA structure of people are different that makes some people more prone to weight gain. If people in the family are overweight, then the descendants can also gain weight.

  • Aging

The metabolic rate in old people is very slow that eventually leads to obesity. It also causes loose muscle tissues that attracts fat easily.

  • Pregnancy weight

Pregnancy causes change of hormone that increases the progesterone in the body to support the pregnancy. The progesterone can cause weight gain in the body eventually making pregnant people fat. It is difficult to shed the pregnancy weight, especially from the tummy.

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