Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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Your haircare routine is abusing your hair. Not many have found out which ingredients they should refrain and what ingredients protect your hair and are not only for the look in long term.

Probably many do not know that silicons are polymers. They are mainly used for sealing in many different fields. Given the popular inclusion of silicone in hair care products, however, we thought we’d bring in some information what silicon is really doing to our tresses.

THE rudimentary BASICS

Silicone’s are minerals and its an effective component usually used in haircare products.
They are providing a attractive slip and shine, it can also help to smooth and straighten hair.

It can supply your hair a beautiful, conditioned look.

The good effects!

The good result of the silicone’s are plenty. They are able to make hair that look damaged, feel and look like it’s healthy by filling in the porosity. The silicone layer covers your hair. This cover protects your hair from environmental influences.

If you try to spot them, they are normally hard to recognise because they have plenty of names in the ingredient database of the products.


Silicone’s are non organic and mineral oil based. One of the main purpose is it to use it for sealing against water, like in your bath room. It is not a organic ingredient and its side effects are harmful for our hair.

It only give the hair the appearance of a good glow, but its a fake shine from the plastic. The shine we really want is when its natural and kept as fit as possible. Silicone will weight-en your hair, making it limp, lifeless, and over the time, very dull. The silicone layer will over the time act like a magnet for dust and also dirt.

So we get a favourable glow for a couple of days, but over time due to lack of humidity, your hair will become very brittle and could lead to frizz and breakage. Your hair will get dry, because the silicone barrier on your hair, will keep the nutrients from getting in or penetrating the hair, which will weaken the hair additionally.


The, silicone’s are very hydrophobic, which means that they do not washout of your hair, and so the silicone layers will adding up layer by layer. Over the time the weight of the silicone cover will get way to heavy and your hair will feel greasy.

When you are not happy with your hair you will even wash your hair more and add so extra silicon. A so called cycle of damage will be the result.

Curly hair and the silicone !!!

Especially for your curly hair the silicone will be a big disadvantage. It stuck on the curls and weigh-ten them. Due to the extra weight, your curls the volume and lift will vanish which gives you a really bad look.

Curly hair and no volume, be careful !!!

Water-soluble silicone means that it is able to dissolve in water so it should be more easy to wash it out of the hair and doesn’t leave a heavy buildup.

Cyclomethicone is the mostly used ingredient in hair care goods. This is the most commonly used silicone in hair care goods and it does everything silicone promises to do, with much smaller side effects to the hair.


Non-water-soluble means that it will not dissolve in water, so you must use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the built-up. All ingredients ending on “cone” will make the hair feeling heavy and without volume.

Have a close look for “Dimethicone” since it is the hardest to remove from your hair.

Your silicone free product.

You can find a lot of interesting information in the WWW today. A really interesting page you can find under ………XXX…… Silicone free Shampoo.

Start your personal investigation of the product by checking the element list which is mostly on the rear side of the product.Don’t believe everything it says on the label. So the best way is to look at the ingredient list to see what’s inside.

On the ingredient list the products mentioned first have the highest percentage, means more volume in the product.

The bottom line concerning silicon free haircare !!!

This days there are plenty of silicone free hair care goods on the market. We prefer and recommend not only silicone free ,all organic are the goods I am looking for. They are a little bit more expensive but do not make compromises on the health and beauty.

For the health of your hair as well as your beauty you should only try to give the best to your body. Vegan products without silicone cost only a little more and are the perfect haircare products in long time.