Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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As HIV has become a very common disease in the present days it is the hospitals and clinics who should take active role in treating these diseases. There are number of renowned clinics at Singapore who actively deal with such diseases. They have a team of expert doctors and physicians who have great experience in this field. Besides this they have advanced machineries and are well equipped with various tools.

The various steps taken by the clinics at Singapore:

It can be said in this connection that HIV PEP Clinic Singapore are well trained and equipped with modern facilities. They take utmost care of the patients admitted there.

  • Non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis (NOPEP) or PEP is a 4 week course of antiretroviral treatment to reduce the chance of HIV infection after potential exposure, through sexual intercourse.
  • It should be noted that NOPEP or PEP does not guarantee someone exposed to HIV will not become infected with HIV. It is also not a substitute for other HIV prevention methods such as the correct use of condoms.
  • If you figure you may have gotten this infection as of late, you should, in any case, observe a specialist. He or she can give you Post-Introduction Prophylaxis (Liveliness) medication. Get up and go prevents HIV from duplicating and spreading in your body, thus, decreasing your chances of getting to be HIV positive. If you are not human services proficient you will be given the non-word related Get up and go. This kind of Energy is given to somebody who is presented to HIV outside the work environment.

If you want any information in detailed form then you can visit our website http://hivsingapore.com. All the detailed information can be obtained here. Anyone who have experienced condom failure or were involved in any form of unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse, receptive fellatio with ejaculation with:

  • A known HIV-infected partner and or
  • At high risk of HIV groups,
  • A person who was forced into any sexual act involuntarily (raped).

Other information’s about PEP:

Now let’ share some information about PEP. This will also help you to gain more knowledge about the disease. These are some basic facts but needs to be known to everyone

Direct contact with saliva, urine, tears and sweat are not thought to be infectious

HIV transmission from splashes of contaminated fluids to mucosal surface (such As. nose, mouth, lips, eyelids, ears, or genital area and the anus area) or skin is likely to be low, although it has not been accurately tested.

PEP treatment is not perfectly effective; however reports show that PEP can potentially decrease the possibility of transmission by a great extent.  person who can help choose the best medications for a person who has decided to take PEP.

PEP medication must be taken according to the schedule as prescribed by the doctors. It can be said that a counsellor, physician, nurse, pharmacist, friend and/or staff member of an AIDS Service Organization can actually help a person manage the side effects of the drugs. A person having PEP needs to be examined and monitored frequently. Blood tests are usually performed to ensure that the anti-HIV medications are not causing harm or infection to the body. If side effects and toxicity are a problem, a doctor may decide to change one or more of the anti-HIV drugs being used for PEP.

A person who is taking PEP should also take extra precautions to avoid exposure to HIV during the period of taking PEP. PEP is only given to reduce the risk of infection. However a person taking PEP engages himself in activities, such as unprotected sex or sharing needles, then PEP will not work and function accordingly.