Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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Seksoholizm is basically a natural sexual drive but it becomes an obsession at some stage of life. Alternative names for this condition are hypersexuality, compulsive sexual behavior, donżuanizm, hiperlibidemia, or hiperfilia but the most common term is sex addiction. It is completely out of person’s control so you can call it mental addiction which is quite different from chemical dependencies such as drugs or alcohol. Release of particular chemical compounds in the brain results in Seksoholizm. When the brain consistently release these chemicals, then it gradually started looking for some stronger incentive. It turns out into various forms including masturbation, pornography and even rape, harassment or murder. A male with sex addiction can suffer from erectile dysfunction as well. Taking the pills of Kamagra can treat this issue. Most of the serial rapist are suffering from this condition.

Causes of Seksoholizm

Usually, the childhood experiences contributes to seksoholizm. When an adolescent has contact with pornography out of curiosity then he may enjoy watching such stuff and masturbate. Let’s take a look at some of the biological, social and psychological causes of Seksoholizm

Biological Factors

Sometimes, the genetic predisposition to impulsivity, sensation-seeking behavior or emotional dysregulation can result in seksolohizm. Moreover, higher level of sexual hormones like estrogen or testosterone can your impulsivity and ultimately results in sex addiction.

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors that contribute to sex addiction includes history of sexual abuse or exposure to sexual content. Moreover, some psychological disorders including depression, anxiety, poor impulse control, performance anxiety, bipolar or personality disorders may also results in seksoholizm.

Social Factors

Peer group or social circle has a strong on a person’s life. When a person feels rejected in relationships then he may overcome these feelings by adopting less healthy ways to find sexual gratification. Social isolation is another social factor that results in sex addiction. Moreover, watching other people engage in excessive porn viewing or sexual activities can adversely affect you. Watching too much porn can results in erectile dysfunction and one can only treat it by taking Kamagra tabletki. The positive Kamagra dzialanie helps in sustaining the erection.

Symptoms of Seksoholizm

There are some noticeable symptoms that helps you identify that whether a person is addicted to sex or not. These signs can be physical or emotion. Following are some of the common symptoms of Seksoholizm:

  • If you are living with a person having sex addition, then you will feel isolated, angry, depressed, humiliated or alienated.
  • Sex addiction people easily engage with a stranger sexually.
  • Such people never stay loyal to one partner, instead they jump from one relationship to another.
  • They feel incomplete when they are alone.
  • A person feel immobilized due to emotional or sexual obsessions.

Treatment of Seksoholizm

Seksoholizm has several psychological or drug treatments. A sex addicted person must have to speak with a mental health professional and he will prescribe either psychological or drug treatment.

Psychological treatment

Psychological treatment includes individual therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, psychodynamic therapy, dialectic behavior therapy, group therapy, inpatient therapy and marriage or couple counseling. These counseling sessions vary according to the severity of illness.

Medical Treatment

Currently, there is no medication for treating sex addiction which is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. However, seksoholizm usually co-occur with other psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety so some antidepressants like SSRIs can be helpful. Moreover, this sex addition have adverse effects in the person’s marital life like the person may suffers from erectile dysfunction by watching too much porn. The Kamagra najtaniej is the most common medication of erectile dysfunction and every person can take Kamagra bez recepty. Almost every customer has given optimistic Kamagra opinie.