Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Calling all nurses, family members, and friends of nurses: if you’re looking to celebrate National Nurses Week in 2018 in a big way there are a number of ways you can go about it. The first step should be to recognize all nurses do for the community, and what makes them so incredible. Taking place from May 6-12 in 2018, you’ve still got plenty of time to plan.

Fun Facts You May Not Know About Nurses

If you aren’t a nurse yourself, but you’re looking to celebrate one that is near and dear to you, then you may find yourself surprised to read through these 10 fun facts about nurses for National Nurses Week. Here’s a quick glimpse of them:

Did you know that nurses work in many other places than just hospitals? In fact, only 62% of nurses work in a hospital. The rest can be found in such places as military bases, research labs, public health centers, and clinics.

Did you know that the city of Los Angeles is almost equal to the amount of nurses in the United States? Currently there are just over four million active nurses.

Did you know that people rate nursing to be a very trusted profession with it sitting on top of the Gallup poll for ethics and honesty?

Did you know that the typical nurse walks about five miles per 12-hour shift?

Did you know that nursing is one of the most sought-after jobs out there?

Did you know that today’s nurses are younger than they have been in the past?

Did you know the field of nursing is going through one of the fastest job growth rates out there?

Did you know one of the hottest areas in nursing right now is nursing informatics?

Did you know that nurses are brushing up on their skills when it comes to technology?

Did you know that National Nurses Week has in fact been around for more than 40 years?

Fabulous Ways to Celebrate

Now that you brushed up on all things nursing it’s time to give some thought to how you plan to celebrate or help that special nurse in your life celebrate. Since there is still quite a bit of time until May rolls around, you have time to plan and save for that special vacation. Maybe it’s a relaxing sun destination, or perhaps you want to go even bigger and cross a bucket list trip off your list. If a big trip isn’t in the budget you can always opt for an overnight stay at a quaint bed and breakfast, or book a day at a posh spa.

Other ways to celebrate include framing a couple of special photos of you and the family member/friend who is a nurse, buying them some much needed nursing gear, or even jewelry that has a saying on it meant for nurses, or a symbol that means something special to a nurse.

Any of these ideas will help to make the week a special and memorable one.