Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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Many people today use hash oil in wax pens to benefit from medicinal marijuana or enjoy the experience of using legal cannabis in places where recreational pot is legal. Recently, hash oil has received some bad press, leading individuals who use wax pens to worry that they’re taking a risk when they vape. So what’s the story on wax marijuana vaporizer usage? Keep reading to find out.

Hash Oil Defined

Hash oil is a thick concentrated oily wax that is technically called a resin. Also called honey oil, dab, and shatter, the resin is derived from cannabis, and it contains a very high concentration of THC, the active chemical that gives marijuana its intoxicating properties. The oil can be vaped in wax pens or some portable marijuana vaporizer products, or it can be smoked in a number of ways. Those who prefer to use hash oil over dry herbs often feel that the high is more intense, and the medical benefits are more pronounced due to the concentration of the oil.

Why Hash Oil Can Be Dangerous

The hash oil stories that have been publicized online and in newspapers lately describe very bad accidents that have occurred in Colorado and California, but they weren’t caused by wax pens (See VaporPlants). Rather, the explosions described in these articles occurred when people were attempting to make their own concentrated hash oil and wax in their homes.

DIY recipes for hash oil are rather easy to find. The procedure for making the oil varies, but usually it involves mixing marijuana with the solvent butane. When butane is used in an enclosed area, it can cause a build-up of flammable gas that can be set off by a spark from an appliance. The risk of explosion becomes even greater when hash oil is left in the freezer to cure, as the gas can accumulate in the appliance and ignite.

Is Hash Oil Even Legal?

Laws regarding legal marijuana use vary from state to state; however, hash oil is not usually illegal in places where you can legally purchase marijuana. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be arrested if you cause an explosion that injures someone or damages property when you’re making your own hash concentrated wax. Some of the individuals involved in the news stories that have been circulating recently were charged with reckless endangerment and other crimes.

Tips for Safe Usage

If you want to use a wax marijuana vaporizer at home, your best bet is to buy a pre-made concentrate from your local dispensary. Vaping a commercially prepared wax in a wax vaporizer will allow you to get the benefits of the high THC concentration without the risks of at home production.