Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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Vaporizing and weed has a strong relation especially on the way to consume weed. In fact, some people tend to compare between vaporizing and smoking it. So, which is the best way to consume weed? Why people choose vaporizing instead of smoking it? Let’s find the answer below.


Which one do you think healthier vaporizing or smoking the weed? The answer is vaporizing it. Based on the research, vaporizing weed reduce the risk of lung cancer and bronchitis. So, what is the difference between vaporizing and smoking in the term of health? By smoking weed, the combustion of weed still produces dangerous compounds such as carcinogen and tar. Those two dangerous compounds can irritate your lungs and trigger bronchitis. Vaporizing is coming to overcome this problem. It works by heating the weed in low temperature than combustion. As the result, it produces more inhalable vapor. The best part is that the weed brings the essential ingredient such as cannabinoids. Even, there is research stated that vaporizing can reduce up to 95% of smoke before inhale it. The positive impact is that it protects your lungs from irritation.


Vaporizing and smoking weed is also related to the relaxation treatment. Which one is the best relaxation treatment? The answer is vaporizing weed. When you are smoking, you may suffer from shortness of breath. As the result, it doesn’t reduce your stress tension but you are addicted. On the other hand, vaporizing weed is considered as safer relaxation treatment. By using vapor pen to consume weed, you can reduce anxiety or paranoia. In short, vaporizing is clearer than smoking especially for your lung. Because there is no significant impact to your lungs, you can feel relax after using vape for awhile.


This is also the matter of comfort. Which one do you think more comfortable, vaporizing or smoking? Again, the answer is vaporizing. Just imagine the smoke when you are smoking cigarette or weed. It is not only disturbing you as the smoker but also the surrounding. The case will be different if you take vape pen. It produces less smoke and it means you don’t need to disturb your friends close to you. They can smell the weed but at least they don’t need to inhale smoke as much as smoke does. The best part is using vape pen with oil or wax. You are also comfortable in the term of price because it is affordable enough especially for long term usage.

Good Taste

Some people that vaporizing weed smell like burning popcorn. Actually, it is truly right. In fact, vape produces good taste. In specific, you can smell something good. The most important, you can taste the flavor of the weed. In short, vaporizing method is a great way to consume weed to taste clearer, cleaner, and yummier taste.


If you think that vape is more expensive, you are wrong. On the other hand, vape is affordable than cigarette in long term usage. Buying vape is like a long term investment. Just imagine that you have to buy anytime you want to smoke. You don’t need to do that when you are consuming weed by using vape. In specific, you have to spend around $60 up to $300 once and you can use it anytime you want. Compare it with a pack of cigarette in which you might smoke more than one piece a day.


Vaporizing weed is not only about enjoying great taste but also for your confidence. This is because vape pen is offered in various colors. It looks stylish than traditional smoke. There are also several shapes and sizes. You can choose your favorite vape pen and you can show it to the public. As the result it increases your confidence. Even, it follows the latest technology such as rechargeable technology by connected it to USB. Vape pen is really a great option for high tech people.


Vaporizing weed with vape pen is also great for those who want to feel the effect right away. It seems that you can really feel the punch by the time you inhale the weed. That’s why most vape users were satisfied with the effect.

Low Heating Process

It is stated that vaporizing method is a healthy option to consume weed. The main reason is because of the low heating process. You just need to wait for the peak temperature before enjoying the best taste of the weed. On thing for sure, the peak temperature is lower than smoking or cigarette. This is the reason why vaporizing and weed is always connected each other.