Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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The hearing aid is not only meant to help a person to solve hearing problems. There are many of the basic features that come with a hearing aid. All these features work perfectly to give the user more reliable hearing environment. Before going to purchase there is a need to understand some of the basic features that come with Hearing Aids. Although there are different types of devices available but many of the features are same. A person can easily read more to understand more about distinguished workings of a device.

Some common features that come with Hearing Aids are:

  • Microphone direction: This is one basic feature that helps in reducing the noise. The function of this feature is to reduce the noise from behind and keeps the focus in front. It helps in a crowded place like restaurants, movies theaters or other places. It is easy to understand and read more about the features easily found in the devices of ITC, BTE, ITE, OE and Half Shell style devices. There are also automatic feature devices present in the market. It works automatically to cancel the unwanted sounds.

  • Different setting memories: There are two different features of memory settings that come with the devices. In both the cases, the settings are made for the purpose for what they are using for. Settings are changeable while hearing to music, phone calls, noisy and quite places. The first type of settings comes in manual mode where the push of the button is needed to change it. Next one is the automatic type where the device works on the artificial intelligence system. Each time a setting has been changed then a sound of beep is there.
  • Band or channel feature: Bands are the handy feature that helps in adjusting the volume. More amount of band features then it provides more volume setting for different areas. There is also preset band feature for different occasions. The channels work as a control in hearing aid devices. If the sound is getting louder or is getting lower, then using the channels the band can be adjusted. Some of the devices are having different channels setting features. The more channel setting means the device is consisting of various noise pieces. There is also an auto feature noise setting in advance devices. In this, a person does not have to worry about changing channel settings every time.
  • Noise Reduction feature: Reduction of noise works in a different aspect. It actually reduced the amplification frequencies when there is no amount of voices and the only noise is there. For example, if there is noise coming from behind then the focus is not behind the noise. The actual focus is kept in front if someone is speaking setting right in front. The working of sound work with the frequency the device is finding. If the frequency of back and front are same then the focus is kept on both places. The advanced hearing aids keep a check on the frequencies by dividing them in smaller frequencies.