Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Over the past many decade’s everyone believes that human body has one brain and it works and functions according to our emotions and thoughts But this not true. According to the latest research from the scientists, they have found that our brain divided into two sides they are called hemispheres one is left and is right. So the question comes in everybody’s mind what side of the brain I use because they both work individually and has some particular functions which other don’t possess. Sometimes they work together and sometimes not. The universal question is which side of the brain is more dominant and how it operates accordingly to process information.

There are many great mysteries about the brain that we all don’t know about it yet, but after knowing this one thing is for sure that we as human have different sides and personalities like we see people who have some specific skills and are expert in their way from mathematics to in learning quickly it all connects to our brain.

Having said this below we have listed some real facts about how to tell the difference what side is the appendix mostly to help you understand what is primary difference between both sides of the appendix pain, is there any way to figure out which side is more dominant, does using each side of the brain affect our health, and why it is necessary to know this any case.

  • What is the main difference between both sides of the brain?

As we grow from our childhood to adults, we used to get attached to different labels from called quiet, shy, active, optimistic, drama queen, and much more. We still can’t see why people call us from those names. The answers are simple it is your brain which we use the either side from left or right where people are divided in personalities and make their decisions.

  • Is there any way to figure out which side is more dominant?

You can’t judge anybody based on their personalities, but to know ‘’left brain right brain myth’’ there are some tests which show which side you are using such as,

  1. a) Having various tests
  2. b) Behavior discussions
  3. c) Problems solving solutions

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  • Does using each side of the brain affect our health?

It does not impact on your overall health, but most people lost, in this case, having doubts that need to clear which side they are using mostly in their daily life. For example, right brain people are very intuitive and creative whereas left brain people are more systematic and organized.

  • Why is it necessary to know this any case?

The most important thing about what side of the brain do I use significantly depends on making it improve and develop individual skills so could get used to it.