Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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After the FUE hair transplant procedure the donor site always get the scars because of the incisions made while the procedure. Recipient site rarely gets scars. These scars heal after a certain period of time, and that is a really short duration. But still many people have this concern that how can they leave their head uncovered. Nobody wants to show off the scalp full of scars. There are many lucky patients who come with no scars in the week of results, but instead they get an amount of white splotches on the scalp.

This procedure goes as follows,

  • Local Anesthesia is given to the affected area.
  • To harvest the grafts, follicles are extracted (not the strips) from the back and side of the scalp.
  • Recipient area is prepared by creating needle incisions. Finally, grafts insertion is done into the incisions on recipient area.
  • Immediately after the procedure you may have to cover your scalp with a baseball cap or mild bandage.

If you get an insight into this procedure, you will get to know that it contains less scarring phenomenon in it. It is a procedure for harvesting follicular units from the donor area and implant to the bald area (recipient area). The importance of this procedure is covering the less bald area. The follicular unit consists of 1-4 strands in it.

FUE is All About Less Scars

The main advantage of the this method is that a patient is not exposed large scars or pain, which is associated usually with other known procedures. This procedure is ideal for the treatment of both early and advanced level of baldness. This latest standard procedure is recognized by competent authorities and organizations providing hair transplant. It is considered as a successor to the strip procedures being used widely back in time.

You should definitely go for FUE without the thought of worry about the noticeable scars ratio, as after this procedure you’ll feel the recovery quicker. Patient’s usually experience less post-op discomfort by this procedure. By harvesting each follicle individually, the choice of donor area increases. Decrease the scarring, this goal lead to the road towards the evolution of this procedure. Ensuring the limited ratio of scarring that occurs, not as noticeable as of other procedures.

Easy Options

If you already have a got scars after the procedure, there are a few options available to help you conceal your scar.  The easiest way is to simply leave the hair surrounding your scar long enough to conceal it.  However,  another option involves the use of cosmetics, available widely in markets, which can help disguise the scar. Hair transplant in Dubai keeps that as an important task to deal with post op issues. If you experience anything more than that, ask immediately your surgeon. You can ask anything related to this issue via FREE consultation service at hair transplant clinic Dubai.