Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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Are you going for a job interview abroad? Or you are about to start a new life after getting married? It is very important to know that whether you are infected by any serious health issues or not such as HIV.

It is quite sad to say that though the world and medical science has advanced so much yet there has been no possible treatment or cure discovered to defeat HIV infection or AIDs. The only thing that you can do is to take care of yourself so that it does not get worse.

There have been a number campaigns going on to educate people about the various prevention methods to stay away from the infection of HIV. But what if you have maintained all the precautions but still due to the mistake of someone else, you have got exposed to the danger?

Here is an option that you can go for in such a case. HIV PEP or Post Exposure Prophylaxis is a treatment that you can go for if you think that you have been exposed to the infection, but as of yet have not been diagnosed with it. The treatment basically is of taking of the antiretroviral medicines that can help you in staying away from getting infected of the virus.

When Do You Need PEP?

Since when the information about PEP has got circulated, there has been a number of confusion among the people. You cannot simply take the medicine on the doubt that you may have got exposed to the infection. People who are HIV negative should not indulge in consuming this medicine. But if you have got a doubt about your status in last 72 hours due to certain reasons, then you can suggest a doctor for the intake of this medicine. Some of the reasons for which you can get this medicine are:

  • If you have had unsafe sex with someone whom you don’t know properly,
  • If you have shared drug items such as needles, cotton or others,
  • If you were assaulted sexually.

If you have been in any of these above-mentioned situations, then you should urgently consult your doctor and know about the PEP treatment. If you delay in the process, you may get detected with HIV positive and hence, getting treated may get difficult.

Side Effects Of PEP

Every drug has its own set of side effects. PEP will only work if you consume it before the completion of 72 hours from the time of the incident that has led you get exposed to the infection.

Normally, PEP does not come with any kind of side effects. But in many people, it may cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are not life threatening and may go away after a couple of hours.

But it is important to understand that fact that consuming any drug without the prescription can have adverse effects. If you are allergic to anything or you are already under any medical consumption, PEP can have some other effects. Hence, it is highly recommended that you should consult an expert about your case and then start with the medication.

If you are thinking that you can get this medicine every time after you have an unsafe sex, this can be a wrong thing for you. Though it protects you if you have got exposed to any HIV infection, but it may not be successful if you do the mistake on a regular basis.

Is PEP Expensive?

Yes, it is expensive. After all, it is protecting you from the life threatening disease that you have got exposed to accidently. If you have been prescribed HIV PEP treatment after a sexual assault, you will be eligible for partial or at times full reimbursement of the cost.

In case, if you are taking the treatment for some other reasons, you may get it covered under the health insurance that you have taken. But you need to check whether your health insurer provides coverage for such treatment or not.

HIV is life threatening and non-curable yet now. Though there is no such cure diagnosed for the disease, PEP can of course, be of a great help in your case if you have got suddenly exposed to the infection and it has not been 72 hours yet.