Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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Splankna Therapy is the first Christian practice for energy psychology. Energy psychology employs the same system in the body that chiropractic and acupuncture are based on to lessen emotional trauma that is bodily stored. The Splankna Therapy incorporates elements from three diverse energy psychology protocols: EMDR, Thought Field Therapy, and Neuro-Emotional Technique. It also incorporates prayer as a fundamental part of every session.

While Splankna therapy cannot remove reminiscences, this treatment modality seeks to discover the root emotion that fuels the indication and resolve the emotion on the vigorous level. This process neutralizes the fuel for the sign – disarming the activation.

Is it Christian?

Compounding this problem are endeavors by practitioners to apply a Christian facade to these practices to make them more appetizing to the faithful. For example, some practitioners claim that Jesus may have used Splankna, or claim the energy they are influencing is actually the Holy Spirit. Others say that one can simply alternate the name of God or Jesus for this energy force, or choose to believe its source is God, and they will not be breaching Christian code of belief. But this is not factual basically because the very source of energy medicine – the energy itself – is not a Christian belief, but a methodically New Age concept.

The New Age god is an uncongenial energy, a particular component or extension of the cosmos; God in this sense is the soul or life-force of the world. This is very dissimilar from the Christian perception of God as the maker of earth and heaven and the source of all individual life. God is in himself personal, Son and Holy Spirit, the Father, who created the cosmos in order to share the spiritual union of His life with creaturely persons. Additionally, Christians believe that man is a union of soul and body and that the soul is an indispensable form of the body – not an energy force.

From a spiritual point of view, it is the soul that is the life-principle of the body, not something else. As a result, according to the apologists at Catholic Answers, there is no spiritual ‘life energy’ animating the body. Any energy used as part of the body’s functioning such as the electricity in one’s nervous systems is substance in nature, not spiritual. Since this is contrary to Christian divinity, it is out of place for Christians to participate in activities based on this conviction.

Energy psychology healers also like to pass on to the Christian practice of laying on of hands as an indication that Jesus either used or was directing some sort of energy force when He healed. Nevertheless, this only reveals their deficiency of catechesis. The Catechism teaches people that the Christian use of the hands in healing has nothing to do with controlling energy but is considered a symbol of one human being intervening for another.

There is so much more than can be alleged about energy medicine Splankna, for instance what the science of physics has to say about it, the troubles it is causing within the health care profession, why it is a form of credulous medicine etc.