Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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Dry ice packs are an important stage in the evolution of ice packs. Although the ice packs were a boon to the cold chain industry and the Medical industry thanks to the discovery of the effect of the cold and hot therapy. Although Ice packs were an excellent alternative to ice, It had its limitations. The ice packs are not only bulky and expensive to transport but also expensive to store. Hence the invention of Dry ice packs came about solving one of the major problems.

The ice packs which contained 99% water were re-engineered so the dry ice packs can be activated on demand and when required. The Dry ice packs were made with a sandwich of layers of perforated plastic and non-woven with Super absorbent polymer capsulated within so when required it can e easily activated by soaking it in water. The water enters the plastic and the nonwoven through the perforation and reacts with the SAP Super absorbent polymer and forms a gel, the gel crystals formed are larger than the size of the holes in the perforated Dry ice sheets and hence retains within the ice pack.

The Dry ice pack which is made with several cells to allow for the ice packs to be flexible when frozen and can be cut to size based on the size required. The Flexible dry ice packs can now be packed in Lunch boxes and picnics easily and thanks to the flexible nature, they can be easily be wrapped around bottles and packed in empty spaces within the esky or cooler bag.

The Dry ice packs can also keep frozen for much longer compared to regular ice packs thanks to its shift in the phase change point which allows it to remain frozen for much longer. Dry ice packs also make ideal Hot and cold therapy ice packs because they can also be used as a heat pack. They just need to be put in a steamer or microwave for a few minutes to heat them. The Flexible nature of these ice packs allows them to be wrapped around body parts easily thus giving maximum coverage and contact which is important in both hot and cold compress. The Ice packs when frozen can wrap around ankles and wrists and backs in case of injuries.

The Dry ice packs are flat and light weight before they are activated. Cryolux manufacture and supply these ice packs to several large companies including pharmaceutical giants, Food delivery companies, Cold chain companies and some of the leading Super Market Giants. Dry ice packs have been a popular choice to keep Pets cool, Packed under the Pet beds. These Ice packs are also used for horses legs to reduce any swelling. The Dry ice packs are commonly used for Post Surgery treatment like tooth extraction. Dry ice packs have a limited profile on thickness and hence the dry ice packs can be fit into tight spots and Dry ice packs have revolutionised the Cold chain industry.