Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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The benefits of hemp oil for hair

Use as a shampoo

Herts Hemp oil has many properties to revitalize the hair and scalp. One of the properties offered by this oil is an emollient action, it allows to smooth the hair but also to act on the micro cracks.

Hydration of the hair

Hemp oil is an excellent substance for keeping moisture low. The oil thus moisturizes the hair and scalp continuously and acts directly on the hair root.

If you have dry hair hemp oil can be a good solution. This oil is particularly effective when applied during the winter, because it helps protect the hair during changes in temperature outside (cold air) and indoors (warm air).

Hair growth

The fatty acids found in hemp oil are omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. These are polyunsaturated fatty acids that can stimulate hair growth.

Hair strengthening

Your hair is mainly composed of proteins that need to be nourished with nutrients in order to maintain their overall quality and beauty. In addition to essential fatty acids and vitamin E, hemp oil has twenty five percent protein.

Thus hemp oil can be considered as an all-in-one solution for the health of the hair.

How to use hemp oil for your hair

Hemp oil for the hair is usually offered in the form of shampoo, but there are also other types of products that contain this oil.

You can apply it to your hair in the same way as a classic shampoo.

Shampoo application

Wet your hair with hot or cold water. Pour a sufficient amount of shampoo with hemp oil into your hair, then massage the scalp and your hair. Continue your massage until the shampoo foam. Finally rinse hair and scalp.

Apply as conditioner (conditioner)

For best results, you will also need to use hemp oil as a conditioner that is after your shampoo. Massage your scalp and hair directly with the conditioner and leave on for a few minutes. It is important to rinse your hair thoroughly until all the oil is completely gone. Then use a towel to dry your hair.

Gel or spray of hemp oil

For a perfect result, you should use a gel or spray of CBD Essence hemp oil to style your hair. It is recommended to use a gel of pure hemp oil to bring to your hair a care of quality.