Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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Snoring sound can really keep you up all night. It is about time to experience a good night sleep for you and anyone besides you in bed. There is Fotona laser to treat snoring problem effectively. Doctors really prefer it as a kind of a non-invasive solution to have a good quality of sleep without a risky surgery and the inconvenience of any sleep devices. You have to remember that there are some negative effects of sleep deprivation. One of it is the decreased oxygen to the brain and body and the lower blood oxygen. Another such as high blood pressure, depression, hormone imbalances, impotence and lowered libido, it can cause you a headache and migraine, it lowers your brain function, possible memory loss, decreased immune system and there is much more.

Knowing how it Works

When a turbulent airflow causes tissues of the nose and throat, which is the soft palate to vibrate and that makes the snoring to occur. At some of the mouth, nose or throat, this is a result of a narrow pharyngeal airway. It can be cured and to treat snoring, a Fotona laser snoring treatment goal is to increase the size of the airway and decrease the turbulence tissue. The Fotona laser snoring treatment is a mild kind of laser that heats the tissue at the back of your throat so that the air will flow more freely. Its laser has a stiffening effect caused by the recession of collagen in the oral mucosa tissue. The airways expand and the vibrations of the pharyngeal soft tissue are removed as the pharyngeal soft tissue contracts. This will effectively decrease the amplitude of snoring and reduces the effects of sleep apnea. An entire course of treatment requires 3 different divided treatment sessions for over a 6 week period. The therapy can be repeated after that and the results can last up to a year.

The Reasons behind the Snoring Treatment

To be annoyed or annoying your partner is not only the issue with sleep apnea and snoring. You are likely to experience a morning headache, chronic daytime sleepiness, fatigue, impaired concentration and of course irritability when you do not get a quality sleep. This could possibly lead you to some complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure, arrhythmia or an irregular heartbeat and stroke when left untreated.

Effective Basis for Getting a Fotona Laser for Snoring Treatment

The Fotona laser is a snoring treatment that has proven in some research to dramatically reduce the duration and intensity of snoring problems. Patients usually find it to be highly satisfying and comfortable kind of solution to a have a better quality sleep. There is no any discomfort at all when having this treatment and you will never encounter any problems after the treatment. There are various reasons why you have to choose Fotona laser to treat your snoring problems. First, it doesn’t have any chemical treatment. Second, you don’t need to undergo any surgery. It is also painless, safe and very simple treatment. It also does not require downtime. You also do not need to wear any devices during the treatment. Lastly, the effects of it can last up to a year and you can still repeat the treatment again and again.