Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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A philosopher once said that the greatest enemy of life is himself. In daily life, do you always complicate things? Are you always playing against your own interests? Please select all options that match your situation. This test will tell you who is your biggest enemy.

Standard for Evaluation :

A for 1 point, B for 2 points, and C for 3 points. Adding together the final points.

(1) When I need help and can get it

A. I prefer other people’s help

B. I think I’m responsible

C. I almost always refuse to help

(2) When I’m successful

A. Very happy

B. A little happy

C. Not happy at all

(3) At the party

A. I’m always talkative

B. I’m talk much

C. I always belong to the silent people

(4) I quarreled with others

A. Barely

B. Almost

C. Too much

(5) I’m late for one party and feel nerves about it. However, others are happy. How long can you get into the state?


B. Slow

C. Cannot

(6) One woman is looking for partner. One of her wooers has one $200,000 car. What does it mean for this woman?

A. This is a warn, she should be careful

B. There means nothing

C. This is a good opportunity

(7) I jogged 20 minutes, and I felt:

A. Very well

B. Tired

C. Very good

(8) One kid try to finish a hard task (such as move a heavy item), when this kid feels desperate, I will:

A. Encourage him

B. Comfort him

C. Tell him he need to measure himself correctly

(9) When I’m impatient

A. I will not hurt other people

B. I do will hurt other people

C. People might feel surprise to me

(10) When I help others:

A. Only when it necessary

B. Only when other people ask for

C. Even without requests

(11) I treat others:

A. Always good

B. Always keep distance at beginning

C. Always strict, and hurt others’ feeling

(12) My friends:

A. Rarely let me down

B. Sometime let me down

C. Always let me down

(13) I feel those people who treat friendly:

A. Are very good

B. Are very suspicious

C. Made me feel boring

Test Result:

20 points and below: self-centered

You are the kind of person who will interest in your own benefits. You only do those things which can results benefits. Others might not happy with this.

21 – 30 points: not very self-centered

You are the kind of person who will not interest in your own business very much. Generally you would like to do things by yourself rather than ask for help. This make others think you are an easy-going people. You are practical and not a trouble maker.

31 points and above: others-centered

You are the kind of person who focus on other people a lot. You always focus on other people’s business, do whatever others may like. You hope people like you, but actually get nothing. You need to pay more attention to your own business.