Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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DecaDurabolin which is chemically known as Nandrolone is produced naturally in the human body and it is essential for normal growth. On increasing the quantity of this compound in your body it boosts the production of red blood cells which in turn improves the hemoglobin level. This steroid is also known to improve the nitrogen retention capacity and thus enhancing the muscle mass. The compound used in DecaDurabolin provides long-lasting effects. Sometimes if consumed with other steroids you can get better results. It should be noted that DecaDurabolin does not encourage rapid growth of muscles.

The dosage guide

Deca-Durabolin is one of the most flexible and versatile anabolic steroids when it comes to its application and dosage. Though it is primarily usedfor mass gaining and bulking, the drug can also be effectively used for the cutting cycles during phases of fat loss. Deca-Durabolin should be continuously used for longer cycles compared to the other anabolic steroids. It has the capability of building quality mass, though this muscle gain is not very fast. In beginners, the suggested weekly dosing of Deca Durabolin is around 300 to 500 mg. As an intermediate, you need not alter the dose as most of the time it needs to be then stacked with other agents like Testosterone alone or in a combination with Dianabol. For advanced user, a higher dose is recommended within the range of 600 to 800mg maximum. This dosage works when DecaDurabolin is the primary compound in a cycle andthe auxiliary compound is Testosterone.

Expected benefits

When you have a clear idea about the role that Nandrolone plays in the human body, you can also easily understand the benefits it can offer. The two chief features are increase in the muscle strength and mass. Apart from this, it also aids in getting relief from any kind of joint pain. When taken in smaller quantities you can attain lean body mass. It is also considered as a great option for treating the problem of muscle wastage. Due to all these positive effects, the drug has gained huge recognition amongst the weightlifters. It can also treat people who suffer from anemia by boosting the red blood cells in the human body. Sometimes it is also recommended to give relief to AIDs patients. Not only does it take care of muscle growth but also its regeneration. By following the proper dosage, you can easily reap all these benefits of the steroid DecaDurabolin.

How to administer the dosage

Since the drug has a half-life of about 15 days, it is very important to administer the biweekly dosing of DecaDurabolin at regular intervals to keep a check on the blood plasma level when you are on this compound. A long half-life demands that the cycles stay in between the 12 to 14 week range.  The Decanoate ester which is the cause of the slow release extends the effective period of Nandrolone by a number of weeks when compared to most other injectable compounds.