Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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When it comes to non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Academy Laser Clinics leads the way in Sydney and Perth. At this facility, state-of-the-art laser treatment and cosmetic surgery are available for improving the skin, sleep, or any intimate problems you may have. A team of expert practitioners is on hand to provide quality care, including Dr. Jayson Oates, Academy Laser Clinics Medical Director and Principal Surgeon who has over seventeen years of experience.
He’s an expert in facial, head and neck surgeon and he’s also a skilled specialist of various surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures. Having trained with both European and US experts, he’s well placed to offer facial plastics. Dr. Oates has also developed a keen interest in wider lifestyle medicine. He has expanded his line of cosmetic surgery and treatments to now offer body reshaping, vaginal rejuvenation, acne scar removal and male enhancement. He also trains physicians and nurses and is a highly sought after professional in the Australian media.
Dr. Steve Crimston is also part of the team and brings decades of experience. As a cosmetic physician, he brings professionalism and rapport to his field. A background in aviation medicine set him apart, and he also has a wealth of knowledge in managing skin conditions, minor surgeries, laser therapy, and the latest cosmetic injectables.
Another member of the team is Dr. Gavin Scriven, another skilled cosmetic injector. We also have Dr. Stephanie Hyams who is a cosmetic doctor. Minimally invasive techniques are her specialism, and this includes anti-wrinkle treatments, laser therapy, dermal fillers, Mona Lisa Touch, thread lifts, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.

Academy Face and Body Clinic has a team of doctors, nurses, dermal therapists, and client coordinators to offer the highest quality service. Dr. Cuong Danh is one of these doctors, and he specializes in cosmetic surgery. His specialty includes laser resurfacing, Mona Lisa Touch, thread lifts, earlobe repair, wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, scarless mole removal, and penis augmentation using the CALIBRE procedure. There are various options available when it comes to penis enlargement, and these include autologous fat, collagen, silicone, permanent particles, and dermal filler. CALIBRE is minimally invasive and with proven results. After treatment sessions increase in penis size can be noticeable for up to two years. Because the fillers used are naturally broken down by the body over time, it’s also reversible in the very instance that there should be any issues. This makes CALIBRE a much safer option for penile augmentation than traditional surgical methods.
Dr. Christine Cheong is also part of the team at Academy Face and Body Clinic and her primary interest is women’s health. She’s known to be friendly and caring and has an open approach to consultancy. Some of the procedures that she can carry out include the Mona Lisa Touch, wrinkle relaxers, laser resurfacing, dermal fillers and scarless mole removal. Cryolipolysis, or cool sculpting is also available, which is a procedure designed to target fat reduction in specific areas. As you can see, there’s a very skilled team of physicians that you can rely on, and you can expect the best cosmetic procedures at an affordable price.

Men’s health is the primary concern at CALIBRE Clinic, and they have a team of certified doctors who specialize in non surgical procedures, with a focus on penis growth and erectile dysfunction. The team of physicians believes that confidence is everything and having penis enlargement or help with erectile dysfunction can boost a man’s self-esteem. There is no surgery involved and the recovery time is minimal. Advancements in the field of penis enlargement mean that men now have the option of choosing minimally invasive procedures.
Dr. Jayson Oates leads the team of certified physicians, and he brings decades of experience to the profession. Working together as a team, they developed the CALIBRE technique, which is an in-clinic injectable procedure that is designed to significantly increase the length and girth of a flaccid and erect penis.
Patients will be recommended a different amount of filler as part of the CALIBRE treatment for male enhancement, depending upon individual circumstances. You can, therefore, have 3ml, 7ml, 10ml, or 15ml of the injectable and there are special price packages available for patients who undergo multiple treatment sessions.

Patients can also have consecutive sessions each month for increasing augmentation. Take your libido and confidence to the next level by visiting CALIBRE Clinic today and get a consultation to see what the team of doctors can do for you.