Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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There exists a strong interconnection between the troubles with potency and excessive body mass. However, not all obese men have ED, and not all those who have difficulties with getting the erection are obese. So, how can we know whether obesity causes ED? Let’s have a look at the facts, which may give the answer to this question. To find out more about the preparations that may help you deal with ED, go to

What should be known about ED?
When the percent of failures in bed crosses the figure of 20%, the man may be diagnosed with impotence. It is an inability to make the penis erected or firm enough for performing a sexual intercourse. Luckily, generic Viagra is an effective remedy that can help men restore the normal functioning of their sex organs.

Troubles with erection may be provoked by different health and lifestyle factors. Some of them are closely connected with obesity.

Obesity and ED
Excessive weight leads to a lot of changes in the health condition of any men suffering from it. These changes may trigger the development of sexual dysfunction.

One of the major problems of obese people is atherosclerosis. It is an ailment caused by the accumulation of “bad” cholesterol on the inner walls of the blood vessels, which make the lumen of the arteries narrower. Progressing, the disease may worsen the supply of blood to some organs including male sex organs. Poor blood supply doesn’t give a possibility to achieve a firm and lasting erection.

Another issue, which is characteristic of obesity is large fat deposits. Because of them, the hormonal balance in males with excessive weight is disturbed. As a result, their levels of testosterone, which is the main male hormone, are too low. Whereas estrogens, commonly known as female hormones, get above the norm. As men’s libido and their sexual activity are regulated by testosterone, it’s no surprise that they evolve erectile dysfunction.

Is erectile dysfunction curable?
To improve the performance between the sheets, males should pay attention to their health. In order to normalize the levels of hormones and better the state of the blood vessels, obese men should:

Do physical exercises for at least 30 minutes a day;
Change their eating habits in favor of foods rich in fiber and proteins. For example, lean meat, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products;
Diminish the consumption of food products rich in harmful fats (e.g. fast food);
Drop smoking if they have such a harmful habit;
Reduce the consumption of alcohol.