Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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In simple terms, meditation means ‘awareness’. Whether it’s consciously regulating your breathing or being aware of the sound of waves crashing when you’re relaxing on the beach, as long as you’re free of distractions it will count as meditation.

Some take meditation more seriously than others, often dedicating allocated time each day to it. As well as being extremely calming and relaxing when done right, meditation also has an array of scientific benefits you’ve likely never even heard of! So, if you’re an avid meditator or simply looking to get started and seeing what meditation can do for you, here are some of today’s top Android apps specifically designed for meditative types.

Coloring Book for Me & Mandala

 Whilst one of the significant benefits of meditation is to transform your mind into a relaxed state, it can be difficult for those who’ve never meditated properly before to accept that calm state of mind. So, to help meditation take full effect, it’s a good idea to manually relax yourself first before attempting full meditation.

Coloring Book for Me & Mandala is an innovative coloring book app by Apalon Apps that specifically targets relaxation. It does this by solely focusing on mandalas which are a common image used by many to assist meditation. Featuring a variety of intricate mandala designs and an endless choice of colors, spending some quiet time coloring is sure to get your mind in the right state to begin meditating properly.


 As the name suggests, Calm is one of the calmest apps out there! Offering a user-friendly seven-day program ideal for beginners, Calm talks you through the entire meditation process and provides multiple sounds and scenes from nature for you to choose from.

And for the meditation experts out there, Calm also offers completely unguided meditation sessions which will allow you to go at your own pace and meditate in the exact method that works for you. Versatile and usable for everyone no matter how much meditation experience you have, Calm is certainly worth a download.

The Mindfulness App

 Like Calm, The Mindfulness App is suitable for both seasoned meditators and beginners. Hailed as being one of the most user-friendly meditation apps out there, The Mindfulness App offers a huge selection of meditation tracks ranging from a quick 3 minutes to a full half an hour in length. Also offering a narration feature for each track, you can tailor your entire meditation experience to fit your exact requirements.

Meditation isn’t just for those who have hours of free time during the day who can fully focus on it. With today’s advancements in technology, these apps have made meditation suitable for virtually everyone – all you need is a smartphone and access to Google Play and you’re good to go! Explore the various meditation techniques outlined in these apps and you’re almost guaranteed to find a strategy that works for you. So, next time you’re feeling stressed or just in need of some relaxing down time, launch one of these apps to get your mindset into a better place.