Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Have you ever imagined oiling your bellybutton to avail multiple health benefits?  Yes! This is actually true. Oiling your bellybutton every night before going to bed can help you maintain your health in various ways. You might be laughing after reading this, but there are many folk remedies which do not make any sense but practically they are very effective yet harmless.

  1. Helps in treating joint pains:

Pain in joints is one of the common health problems in men and women. It is belevied that once this pain settles down in the joints, then there is no medicine, which can cure this problem permanently. But, there is a simple yet very cheap solution to this problem. Just take any natural or essential oil and pour ample amount of oil in your belly button. Do this every night for a month at least. Believe it! You will feel significant reduction in the joint pain. Do not stop this treatment. You can continue it forever, as it will only provide you relief from different type of pains and will not leave any side effect on your body.

  1. Fresh and improved skin:

Who does not want to have baby like fresh and youthful skin? We all spend hundreds and thousands of money just for the sake of buying beauty and skincare products to ensure the freshness and vitality of our skin. Here is a simple, cheap yet too effective solution not only for women but for men too. Take any essential oil like jojoba or lavender oil and put few drops in your belly button right before you sleep. Repeat this process every night when you go in the bed. Do this regularly for at least 2 months to see visible results.

  1. Relief in manstural cramps:

1 out of 4 women face the problem of menstrual cramps. This situation is very annoying and disturbing to experience on monthly basis. With this pain and cramping the normal routine life of women also gets disturbed. They do not feel like getting up, working and just want to lay down with the pain and all those cramps. There is a simple yet effective solution to this painful problem. Just take jojoba oil and lavender oil in equal quantities and put on the belly button in sufficient quantity right after you go in the bed to sleep at night. You will be amazed to see the tremendous results within just a period of one month.

  1. Treatment for acne:

Acne is also a very common problem especially in young girls and boys. With acne, your skin can never look fresh and beautiful. To treat your acne and acne prone skin, you can simply take castor and almond oil in equal quantities and put them in your belly button. Do this regularly and you will soon see reduction in your acne and acne marks.

So, isn’t it amazing to put oil in your belly button and enjoy so many health and beauty benefits by not even spending much?