Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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Appendicitis is a medical condition where the appendix, the worm-shaped hollow pouch that projects out of cecum, becomes inflamed due to some bacterial infection in the tissues. The infection leads to pus formation within the lumen of appendix. The bacterial infection may be caused due to mechanical blockage of the appendix from hard stool, thick mucus or any foreign particles. The doctor may advise for an appendectomy – a surgical removal of the infected appendix. Many known and established medical units offer various surgical packages online. These online packages also include appendectomy packages. One may Book Surgery Packages Online, suiting one’s requirements and in consultation with the doctor.

In most cases, surgery is a preferred option for the treatment of appendix as any delay may lead to complications. Appendicitis is a medical condition that may pose a serious risk if the appendix bursts or ruptures. Therefore, many times appendectomy surgeries are performed under emergency situations. The surgery involves two main surgical procedures and appendix removal surgery cost also depends on the type of procedure performed:

  • Open appendectomy: This surgical procedure involves making an incision (two to four inches) through the skin, underlying tissue and abdominal wall on the lower right side. The appendix is removed through this incision.
  • Laparoscopic appendectomy: This surgical procedure is less invasive compared to open appendectomy. Three to four small tiny cuts are made in the lower abdominal region, naval and pubis. A special instrument called laparoscope is inserted through one of these incisions. This instrument with a camera and surgical tools helps the surgeon in removing the appendix.

The recovery from appendectomy depends on the type of procedure performed. Most cases of laparoscopic appendectomy are operated in an OPD unit and the patients are discharged on the same day from the hospital, to recover at home. Under open appendectomy procedure, the patient may be required to stay overnight or for a longer period in the hospital. The patient may be allowed to perform day to day activities; however, it may take four to six weeks for the body to completely recover from the surgery. Any strenuous activity should be avoided till complete recovery.

In most cases, appendectomy does not cause any complications. The complications depend upon the stage or status of the appendix at the time of surgery. If the appendix has not burst or ruptured the complication rate is very low. However, in some cases the following complications may arise:

  • Inflammation and infection can occur if the appendix ruptures during the surgical procedure. This is condition is called peritonitis.
  • Bleeding of any internal organ during surgery may occur.
  • The wound may become infected.
  • The nearby organs may get injured during the surgical procedure.
  • There may be a blockage in passing the bowels or bowel obstruction may occur.

The complications are also very significant in cases where appendicitis is undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or diagnosed late. Therefore, many surgeons would suggest a surgery as soon as appendicitis is diagnosed. The appendix removal cost will also depend on the complications associated with the surgery.

There are no alternatives to treat appendicitis as serious consequences may arise if an inflamed appendix is not removed. The appendectomy is a safe surgical procedure with the mortality rate decreasing considerably over time. The deaths that usually occur are due to a severe infection resulting from rupture, any formation of abscess or peritonitis.