Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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A failed nose job is a disaster! Every day there is news about plastic surgeries gone wrong with the celebrities or the socialites. Those are all horror stories for people who are planning to get a cosmetic surgery themselves. You don’t want that to happen to you, right? Then you really need to make sure you choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon so that you get the best choices and services with minimum risks. But how do we choose a good surgeon? What are the things we need to check? Confused about this? Worry no more. Read on to know how you can choose a good rhinoplasty surgeon to do your nose surgery.

  1. Board Certification

The surgeon has to be certified from the board of the country in which he or she practices in. For example, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai needs to have a certification from the Dubai board of surgeon and needs to have a medical license for practicing medical in the country.

The certification clarifies that the surgeon has completed the amount of studies required to be at that position.

  1. Past Records

Check who were the previous clients of your chosen surgeon? Find out if he has any criminal record on him for any medical malpractice. Talk to his previous clients for reference. Look at his medical school records and merits. Be thorough in your research and make sure you already know everything about the surgeon before you enter the clinic.

  1. Expertise

The surgeon you want to do your nose job needs to be an expert in rhinoplasty. He or she needs to have a course certificate in it. For example, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai would be an expert in nose jobs and cosmetic surgeries. Always choose the experts. They might be a little expensive, but they will get the job done with perfection.

  1. Ask your surgeon a lot of questions

Ask him to describe the process to you in any way he or she can. A good surgeon will always know how to explain medical jargons to his patients without scarring them too much. Also, as you will be asking questions, you will get to know more about what you are going to have done on you. This will also help form an emotional bond between the doctor and patient.

  1. Don’t go to the surgeon who suggests multiple operations

The more the number of operations, higher is the risk. Always avoid the possibility of multiple operations unless it’s necessary, which is very rare. Also, the chances are that the surgeons who suggest multiple operations are doing it for more money. So be cautious of multiple procedures.

Here are five ways which would help you decide whom to go to for a nose surgery. Always take your time deciding and interviewing the doctors and go through their websites and brochures thoroughly. Be aware of his or her reputations and previous works. The rest will work out fine for you. Good luck!