Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Asthma can cause seriously debilitating problems if incorrectly managed. Medication plays a huge part in controlling symptoms of asthma, with patients able to easily buy Salamol easi-breathe among a multitude of other medications online, although sufferers of the condition can also take a few precautions to prevent asthma attacks and improve their quality of life, which we’ll look at below:

1. Allergy-proof bed coverings

Dust mites contribute to the causes of asthma and poor lung health in general. Covering pillows and mattresses with allergy-proof covers can prevent dust mites from reproducing and put them off wanting to live in your duvets and cushions. In addition to this, patients should aim to wash their bedding on a weekly basis at a temperature of at least 130ºF.

2. Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers help to reduce excess moisture in the home and prevent mould from forming on windows and walls. Mould spores tend to irritate the throat and cause asthma attacks – particularly in winter when the colder weather means we keep our windows closed for prolonged periods, thereby increasing internal humidity.

3. Stop pets from climbing on furniture

Dander – dust, fluff, hairs, skin follicles and mites – from pets is one of the most common asthma triggers. It can be difficult to avoid entirely, particularly for those of us who treat pets like any other member of the family. However, stopping pets from jumping on the sofa or sharing our beds can reduce the level of irritation we encounter.

4. Scrap the carpet

Carpets are the perfect environment for dust, dirt, mites and other allergens to congregate. If possible, consider replacing carpeted areas in your house with wooden flooring or linoleum. If this is not possible, aim to vacuum your carpets with a good quality cleaner equipped with a HEPA air filter.

5. Don’t neglect your meds

It’s never been easier to buy Salamol easi-breathe online. With great prices, there’s no excuse when it comes to ensuring your medicine cabinet is well-stocked. Remember: prevention is better than cure.

6. Avoid smoke

Asthma sufferers who smoke should quit – immediately. It is important to avoid smoke at all costs. Even second-hand smoke or smoke which clings to furniture can trigger an asthma attack.

7. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals

Fumes from everyday household cleaning products can trigger asthma attacks. Try to open windows to ensure rooms are well-ventilated when cleaning and avoid exposure to fumes in the workplace as much as possible.