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The eardrum is a small membrane in the ear canal which is the final destination of the sounds entering into the ear canal. The sound waves make eardrum to vibrate; the sounds are then transmitted to the ossicles (bones of hearing). The eardrum has one more role, it helps protect the middle ear from debris & bacteria.

Raptured or damaged eardrum is a sign of tympanic membrane perforation. It is also known as a perforated eardrum which is a hole in the thin membrane between the ear canal from the middle ear. A perforated eardrum is a hole in the middle ear and the size may vary from a small pinpoint opening to a loss of the entire eardrum.

Symptoms of Tympanic Membrane Perforation!

A perforated eardrum does not always cause problems but it depends on the size and location of the perforation. The perforated eardrum may cause a conductive hearing loss, also, a larger the hole, the major the hearing loss and in chronic cases, it may discharge a yellow material from the ear. A hearing test or an audiogram can easily assess the severity of a hearing loss. If you are a resident of Delhi – NCR, you can manage the perforation of eardrum or discharge from the ear with the best and modern treatment of eardrum at Pristyn Care Clinic.

In most cases, perforations in the tympanic membrane cause ear infections. See, the reason behind the same is the space beneath the tympanic membrane, it should not get wet from external factors. If water gets into the middle ear or the inner ear is moist, a middle ear infection called otitis media can occur. It doesn’t mean that tympanic membrane perforations always cause ear infections, in the case of a tiny hole, it doesn’t need to cause an infection. In such cases, water may not be able to flow and very tiny tympanic membrane perforations act similar to permanent ear tubes.

Types of problems that cause discharge from the ear!

  1. Perforation at the margin of the eardrum: If the perforation is at the margin of the eardrum, where the eardrum and ear canal come together, skin from the ear canal may grow through the perforation into the middle ear, it may cause cholesteatoma.
  2. Central eardrum perforation: This perforation may occur at any location on the eardrum; the size of the perforation ranges from a small opening to an entire eardrum perforation.
  3. Attic perforation of the eardrum: This perforation occurs in the superior part of the eardrum is an attic perforation; this can be associated with a deep retraction pocket into the mastoid.

Causes or reasons for the ruptured eardrum!

Any fluid leaking out of an ear is generally the ear wax or cerumen. But, a ruptured eardrum can lead to the formation of gluey discharge from the ear that can be white, slightly bloody, or yellow. You can look for dry material on a kid’s pillow as a sign of a ruptured eardrum or blood spots. A perforated tympanic membrane or eardrum can have many causes. People who have had ear tubes are more prone to perforation. The reason is the eardrum does not close up after the tube comes out. While this same is rare, it is not unheard of.

In a lot of cases, frequent ear infections can also cause temporary hearing loss. A patient may feel pressure from pus leading to yellow discharge which sometimes produces a small hole in the tympanic membrane. This is a part of the body’s natural way of draining the pus and getting it out of the ear. If you are worried about the ear problems or your ear pain, as a resident of Delhi – NCR, you need not to. You can visit the modern clinic for an excellent diagnosis and best consultation with the ear doctor in Delhi NCR.

The eardrum is causing a yellow discharge! What are the treatments?

Perforation of the tympanic membrane will usually heal itself. If a hole is formed, irrespective of the reason, the body will try to heal it. Sometimes, the perforation does not heal on its own. If the size of perforation has not gotten any smaller in about two months, it will probably not heal on its own.

In most, but not all cases, eardrum perforations are usually healed with surgery. Tympanic membrane perforation treatment is a minor surgery and generally performed as an outpatient procedure that takes a couple of hours. A patient may be discharged within a day. Currently, some advanced ENT clinics in Delhi NCR are leveraging new techniques to repair eardrum perforations. This allows repairing of the entire hole through the ear canal without any visible incisions. This results in quick healing, less pain, and minimal scar tissue.

Aftercare and precautions needed after treatment!

The important thing is to keep the ear dry. If water flows in the ear canal and reaches the middle ear, it may cause infection in the perforated eardrum. If you want to keep the ear dry, place a cotton ball soaked in petroleum ointment on the outside of the ear canal during showering. Avoiding swimming is recommended, although in some cases watertight earplugs can be used. The treatment is generally successful, but the surgeon can review the specific issues with each patient depending upon the size of the perforation.

A repair of the eardrum is one of the more commonly performed ear surgeries and its called tympanoplasty. You can get the treatment at the best and modern ENT clinic in Delhi – NCR. Various factors affect surgical results, including the amount of disease in the ear, patient healing factors, surgical technique, and the experience of the surgeon. If you are suffering from an ear disorder in Delhi, Noida, or Gurgaon, make an appointment now to know more about advanced treatments for the damaged eardrum or ear discharge.

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