Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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use our phones. They are critical in our day to day transactions. Without our phones, we can’t finish a lot of the tasks we have to do. The only problem is that phones emit radiation. In small doses, they might be okay. However, constant use could increase exposure to radiation. Mobile phones are also on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to radiation emission.

It helps if you think of ways to stay protected against the harm caused by using phones. Here are some useful reminders to consider.

Stay away from your phone if possible

Try using your phone only when needed the most. Once you finish, keep it as far away from you as possible. Keeping it near you will tempt you to use it. When you are currently working on some other tasks, turn your notifications off. It helps you avoid getting bothered by unnecessary messages until you finish your tasks.

Don’t use Bluetooth headsets

You might think that Bluetooth headsets are extremely useful as you can continue doing other things with both your hands. The truth is that the use of this type of headset increases your exposure to radiation. If you want hands-free calls, turn the speakerphone on instead. It allows you to continue your conversation, and keep the device far from you. If you are in a public place and you need to place your phone to your ear to receive a call, make sure that it does not last long. Once your phone starts heating up, it is a bad sign. You have to stop using the device.

Keep your home protected

When you have kids at home, they are even more vulnerable to radiation. Make sure that everyone inside your home is safe against the dangers of radiation caused by phones. In your bedroom, keep the phones inside a drawer when not in use. Turn them off when you sleep. Go back to traditional alarm clocks to help wake you up in the morning. You should also turn the Wi-Fi off at night when you are about to sleep. Most of all, don’t let your kids play with an electronic device for a long time.

Use EMF protection devices

There are EMF (Electromagnetic Field) protection devices that you can wear or use which are proven to be effective in blocking radiation from entering your body. It might sound crazy, but a lot of people have given them a try. Besides, you are not losing anything when you use the devices. You can wear them as part of your regular fashion style, or place them inside your bag. Either way, you will be protected against radiation. If you need to find out more critical information about protective devices, check out

Don’t let radiation negatively affect you or anyone in the family. You need not stop the use of mobile phones entirely, but you have to be extremely careful.