Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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The quality of groundwater is deteriorating with each passing day and the main cause of deterioration can be attributed to the presence of harmful impurities present in the water. In many states of India, high concentrations of fluoride, arsenic, iron, and other toxic metals are present in the groundwater. Consumption of such kind of impure water can result in water-borne diseases and other serious health implications.

Hence in today’s time, consumption of tap water directly is not a safe practice as it may contain impurities. Many Indian households boil the water since they are under the impression that once the water is boiled, the water is 100% pure. However, this is a wrong notion since boiling may reduce the hardness of water and remove some of the minor impurities in water. A better solution would be to make use of RO Water Purifier since RO (Reverse Osmosis) is a proven technology which is capable of removing soluble, insoluble, chemicals and other types of impurities present in the water.

In the Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification technology, a partially semi-permeable membrane is used for purifying the incoming water. It removes the suspended impurities, dissolved impurities, and in some cases, even softens the water. It is also effective in removing larger molecules, dissolved salts, and other types of impurities like bacteria. Many RO water purifiers are also equipped with additional purification mechanisms like UV (Ultra Violet) and UF (Ultra Filtration) which adds another layer of purification. RO Water purifiers are popular in Indian households and are also used in a large setup like a company, factory where higher storage of purified water is required.

There might be some cases where you may want to enjoy pure drinking water but do not intend to buy RO water purifier. Such a situation can arise when you are travelling to a new city (for a personal or official visit) and might be staying for a couple of months. There is no point in going through the process of selecting the right RO purifier, getting it fitted in the house and re-selling the same once you move out of the city. What if there was an option where you pay for the amount of water you consume i.e. pay per consumption? Livpure, the world leader in water purification technology has come up with a disruptive concept called LivpureSmart where you can live a hassle-free life, with the assurance of RO purified water at affordable rates.

With interesting plans from Livpuresmart; you would incur zero installation charges, zero machine cost, and zero maintenance costs on RO purifier. Since the newer generation is an ardent user of ‘pay-per-use’ kind of concept, LivpureSmart is something that can solve their water woes. Consumers do not have to buy the water purifier but they would pay for the amount of water they consume from the RO water purifier. With the Livpure Smart Plan, a customer has to pay Rs. 1.2 per 542 liters of water being consumed per month. With such a scheme, customers can enjoy RO purified water without having to invest in an RO purifier. There is a real-time water quality check and filter health life check for every drop from the RO water purifier. Since the customer does not own the water purifier, (s)he does not pay anything for the annual maintenance. This plan is economical when compared to costs involved in purchasing Ro water purifiers or purchasing water jars from neighborhood shops.

The details about the health & status of the RO water purifier which would be fitted in the customer’s premises as a part of the Livpure Smart Plan can be accessed using the mobile phone since the purifier leverages the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). There are different subscription plans – Silver plan, Gold plan, Platinum plan, and Titanium plan. You should choose the best plan according to your requirements. You can also opt for RO water purifier online and their technicians would visit your premises to give you a demo.

Customer trends are changing at a rapid pace and such a concept not only helps customers save overhead costs involved in buying & maintaining RO water purifier but also lets them enjoy safe purified water at sub-optimal costs.