Thu. Sep 16th, 2021
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The hair transplant is a plastic & cosmetic surgery as a regenerative method of hair roots that takes the original hair roots from patient’s own body or scalp and transplanted the same where hair loss occurs. It is one of the most natural & scientific procedures that allows the original hair growth that behaves like normal hair and shows the resistant character towards DHT despite being transplanted to other location. The hair transplant cost is the factor that must be decided carefully and cross-checked before taking the procedure as a final decision. The cost of the procedure is not a static one as it depends on several factors that directly or indirectly involved in surgery. Besides that the cost of the procedure fully influenced by the patient’s state of hair loss, the needed number of graft, the applied technique of the procedure as well as the available donor area condition for the extraction. However, it is a random factor that must be evaluated on the basis of the patient to a patient state of hair loss and their anatomical status and a pre-procedure consultation is needed!

How the cost of hair transplant is decided described below:

  1. The Pre-procedure Consultation: It is mandatory to go through the pre-procedure consultation in order to get the idea about the procedure cost. The physical consultation would define the state of your hair loss as well as the type of hair and donor area condition. The pre-procedure examination will tell you about the type of technique and the needed number of grafts that ultimately decides the cost of the procedure. The consultation would also clear the price of per graft applicable in the particular clinic and in this way; it is easy to prepare for the restoration procedure.
  2. The State of Hair loss: Everyone has a different state of hair loss and every scalp is different with a different condition of the donor area. The versatility of condition decides the method of procedure and tells about the extraction limitation of the graft. Finally, the cost is put and that is all based on the individual’s physical and anatomical status.
  3. The needed number of Graft: The graft or follicular unit is what that is extracted from the safe donor area in order to implant them on the recipient bald area of the scalp. The graft price varies from one clinic to another and from one geographical location another. Generally, per graft cost in India ranges between Rs. 25-120 INR/.
  4. The applied technique of the Procedure: There are two techniques of the procedure, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE. Usually, the FUT technique is recommended in order to get the best permanent result of the procedure rather than the FUE technique and cost of FUT is less as compared to the FUE technique. So, it is a good decision to get the procedure with FUT technique.
  5. The Expertise of the Surgeon: The expertise of the Surgeon is a token of getting utmost natural outcomes of the procedure. The pioneer Surgeon of the hair restoration procedure generally charges high, whereas the fresher Doctors or Surgeon charges less.


On the whole, we can say that the cost of hair transplant is a random factor that is based on a number of factors, both externally and internally and varies from individual to individual. Therefore, it is better to go through the pre-procedure physical consultation that must be performed by the concerned Surgeon.