Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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Hair transplants have become exceedingly popular in the recent past and socially acceptable too, with celebrities openly endorsing them. For example, Wayne Rooney, as reported by the Telegraph, has been outspoken about his, as well as renowned hair loss specialist Spencer Stevenson, who has undergone multiple hair transplant therapies. 

Hair transplants come in a myriad of options, however, FUE hair transplant therapy is the most popular. With leading medical institutions touting the efficacy of hair transplants, including the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, more men are freely opting to undergo hair transplant therapy.

The FUE transplant

In particular, FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant therapy involves the harvesting of specific hair follicles from a region with dense growth on the head using a miniature, specialised cutting machine. Next, fine blades are used to create tiny tissue culture sites where baldness is developing due to hair thinning. Follicles are then inserted to correct the condition.

However, each client is given a personalised treatment depending on their specific hair loss manifestation. The surgeon makes a detailed mapping of the follicle placement area to deliver excellent results for the restoration of a natural look. The hair follicles are placed one at a time with the number depending on the extent of the hair loss that has taken place.

During the FUE transplant surgery, the surgeon uses a local anaesthetic to numb the area being cut. It takes about eight hours to complete the procedure, but the surgery doesn’t cause scars. The best approach to this therapy is to book an appointment when you have short hair.

Healing and Hair Growth

The FUE transplant therapy has a quick healing time, as only minor incisions are made during the procedure. The incisions actually heal completely within just a few days. Remarkably, hair growth is evident as soon as three months after the administration of this therapy. In six months time, complete hair growth, which mimics natural hair, is well pronounced, and the hair transplants grow exponentially just like natural hair.

The FUE transplant procedure is a less intrusive surgery and poses no risk of injury whatsoever. However, it is quite expensive depending on the hair loss transplant surgery clinic you choose. The average cost is between five thousand and twelve thousand Euros.