Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Let’s face it, the regular mistreat to your hair from our hair care procedure in crucial. Its very important that you know what ingredients in haircare only assist your short term look and which supports your hair in long term.

Silicone are, maybe you have heard already and some know, plastic polymers which are used everywhere from conditioner to household caulking.

Given the popular inclusion of silicone in hair care products, however, we thought we’d bring in some information what silicone’s are really doing to our tresses.

THE BASICS about silicones

In hair care products for example shampoos or conditioner silicone’s are widely used. It provides a better-looking slip and shine, can help to smooth and straighten hair.

They can supply your hair a luxurious, conditioned feel.

The good effects about silicones!

The good effect of silicone are there as well. The unreal silicone layer give hair a healthy look by coating each individual hair. So the silicone layer covers and protects the hair.

If you try to spot silicones in your products, they are hard to spot because they have several names in the ingredient list.A really interesting page you can find under


Silicone is artificial and oil based.It is often used as a seal against water and even air. It is not a natural component and its side effects are harmful when used in haircare.

Its a unreal glow which will give you just the illusion of conditioned hair. This is not what we want, we want our hair well hydrated and not plastic covered. The silicone layer will weight-en the hair and make the hair lifeless. Due to the silicone layer no moisture will reach your hair and the hair will become like a magnet for dirt as well as other ingredients.

So we get a good shine for some days, but over time due to lack of humidity, your hair will become very brittle and could lead to frizz and breakage. Your hair will dry out, because the silicone layers (or barrier) on your hair strands, will keep the nutrients from getting in the hair, which will weaken the hair additionally.


The, silicone is very hydrophobic, which means that they do not wash out easily, and the silicone layers will adding up over each other.

Over time the silicon cover weight will get way to heavy and your hair will feel greasy. If you are not happy with your hair you will wash and style your hair more and add so extra silicone to it. This is named cycle of damage.

The negative grease effect of silicones !!!

The silicone can be a big problem for the grease production of your skull. The silicones cover the skull which provides allergic reactions and very often a higher grease production is the result out of that.. This is a very common reaction. So if you have problems with the grease in your hair you should consider a silicone free haircare. If you don’t thrust what we are saying, there is a lot of information on the internet this days, like on webpages like…..


Non-water-soluble has the meaning that it will not dissolve in water.

All ending on “cone” will leave the hair feeling heavy or weighed down.

Have a close look for “Dimethicone” since it is the hardest to remove from your hair.

Getting the right hair care for you !!!

Start your personal investigation of the product by checking the component list which is mostly on the rear side of the product. If it contains silicone and you have problems with to much grease in your hair avoid it and look if you can figure out when using silicone free haircare products.

Don’t trust everything it says on the label, and check the internet which gives you this details about the products and ingredients as well. The higher the product is on the product list, the higher the percentage of that component you will find in the product.

There are many silicone-free shampoo and conditioner on the market. We prefer and recommend not only silicone free ,all organic are the real goods I am looking for. They are a little bit more costly but do not make compromises on the health and beauty.

For the health of your body as well as your beauty you should only give the best to your body and don’t go for the cheapest price. Organic products with no silicone cost only a little more and are the perfect hair care for long time success.