Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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Snoring is the vibration of a person’s respiratory structures and the resulting sound that accompanies obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. It is generally caused by having poor muscle tone in throat and tongue areas of the mouth. Snoring can also be caused by having obstructed nasal airways which can cause sinus pain many people only snore during allergy seasons or when they have a sinus infection. Depending on the person, the sound may be soft, but in most cases, it can be loud, unpleasant and disrupting to those around them.  Snoring during sleep may be a sign, of a number of different sleeping disorders, including; obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), sleep deprivation and plugged sinuses which in turn can cause sinus pain and sinus issues throughout life. Snoring also continues to cause sleep deprivation, creating a vicious cycle that ENT doctors are looking to change.

Tips to minimize minor snoring issues:

A few easy tips to relieve your sinus pain and snoring issues include; avoiding common relaxants such as alcohol and recreational drugs, getting enough sleep every night, sleeping position (those who sleep on their back tend to snore worse than those who sleep on their stomachs or sides). If the problem continues to worsen or persist, it is suggested to get a jaw alignment or visit a dentist to receive a dental unit. Snoring isn’t an issue that can be fixed the same way for every patient so it is important that people continue to try different methods and treatments until they discover the solution that works for them.

Ear, nose and throat doctors for snoring issues:

Visiting an ENT doctor is highly recommended as they can diagnose things that aren’t visible to the lay person and prescribe and administer treatments such as nasal and sinus clearing. There is increasing evidence that snoring both worsens with age and weight gain, so although we cannot stop or slow down time we can definitely keep on top of a lifestyle that includes regular exercise and proper eating habits.  Though there are several “quick fixes” available on amazon or in your local drug store they are just that, a quick fix to a potentially deeper issue. They are costly, not covered by healthcare and not even guaranteed to work. For that reason an ENT doctor is in your best interest if you want the issue fixed once and for all. If left untreated, your snoring will not only affect the sleep patterns of your loves ones but also your own sleep will be disrupted. More severely, it will put unnecessary strain on your heart which may result in increased blood pressure and in extreme cases, higher risks of heart attacks and strokes. There is most likely numerous ENT doctors in your city accessible through a quick google search or a referral by your general practitioner. The sinus pain that accompanies snoring is not only unpleasant but may also get worse so it is important to seek medical aide.