Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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If you read the tabloids online and on prints around your environment, you can see a lot of “Celebrity Nose Jobs: Before and After.” For so many years, plastic surgery Bangkok is one of the latest topics that you need to learn with your squad, classmates, or co-workers. We can’t deny the fact that Rhinoplasty Bangkok is available. Every woman in this world is free to do whatever they want to do on their face and body, and nose job Thailand is considered as the famous Bangkok plastic surgery. But, even though plastic surgery Thailand is common, it would be best for you if you will conduct your research before making some changes on your face.

In helping you to decide whether to take the rhinoplasty Thailand or not, I am going to give you the things that you should do if your teenager asks for a nose job. Keep on reading to know more.

What does Will happen During the Process of Rhinoplasty?

Cosmetic surgery Thailand or nose job is composed of modifying the cartilage and the lower bones of a person’s nose to get the desired nose result. It can be a higher bridge, narrower nose, bump removal, or a more refined nose tip. A surgeon can perform two different kinds of incisions. The first one is called an external approach or open, which will be performed of another incision the tissue bridge between your nostrils or across your columella. The second one is called the endonasal approach or closed that will be performed with the incision at the internal part of your nose. The outer skin of your nose will be moved upwards to achieve your desired results.

Sam Rizk, MD explains, “The degree of cartilage versus bone varies between different people. Not all noses need to be broken. If most of your nose is cartilage, and you have very little bone, I may not necessarily have to break the nose at all. Breaking the nose is generally done more in the process of straightening a nose or narrowing a very wide bony bridge.” (

Grafting Thing

Your preferred surgeon would use a septum cartilage, which has been detached on the process or takes away the tissue at the back portion of your nose to perform augmentation. Norman Row, MD states, “You make a little cut in the back of the ear, where your glasses go, where it’s never seen.” ( He also calls this process the “game-changer.”  Dr. Rizk also claims that there is for about 10% that absorption might happen, or the possibility of the back part of your face absorbs the grafted tissues instead of absorbing by your nose. Thus, as an alternative for cartilage, he usually uses Medpor.

Age is the Key to Achieve the Desired Result

The face of a patient must need to have the right skeletal maturity or must be formed fully prior to performing the nose job process or cosmetic surgery in Thailand. For women, 14 years old is the earliest age that can undergo rhinoplasty. Because the face of males grows slower than females, he can undergo the nose job process at the age of 15. But, as we can see, the skeletal maturity will always depend upon person to person. Even though you are at the right age, if you are not yet ready to undergo the process, it is a must for you to wait for the right time.

Nose Job Cost

Similar to any types of surgeries, nose jobs cost will always vary upon the doctor to doctor, process to process, and state to state. It was claimed that rhinoplasty is the process that costs about 4,694 US Dollars. And the operating facility prices, anaesthesia, and other linked fees are not included at the said minimum nose job cost.

Know the Facts

The first thing that a parent should know about the nose job process is that the nose of your teen does not reach its maturity. The development of a teen’s nose will vary upon person to person. Thus, you need to determine that your teen’s nose is growing well before performing the procedure.

Parents should know that a nose job is a complex procedure, and hiring a skilled and professional surgeon is essential. Before letting your teen undergo nose jobs, ensure that you will learn the benefits and risks of the surgery.

Make Your Teens Understand the Process Before Making a Decision

Emotional maturity is very important, whether you will let your teen undergo surgery. You are more knowledgeable about your teen when compared to the famous and most skilled surgeon. Your teenagers might have difficulties in accepting the fact about the consequences of their every decision. Rhinoplasty, similar to other surgeries, can be regretful if it is not done properly. If your teen already decided to go through the nose job process, it is crucial for you, as his or her parent, to make them understand the seriousness of their decisions.

Rhinoplasty Risks (

  • Complications that will require another process of rhinoplasty
  • Noticeable scarring or inadequate healing
  • Septal perforation
  • Swelling
  • Skin discolouration
  • Hard time in breathing
  • Pain or numbness
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Complications with the anaesthesia

Rhinoplasty Benefits

  • Improve breathing
  • Correct some issues that are related to a deviated septum
  • A positive outcome in terms of your entire facial aesthetic
  • Improve the harmony and balance of your facial features
  • Decrease the bridge
  • Decrease the tip of your nose
  • Give your nose your desired shape
  • Decrease or add your nose size.


Rhinoplasty can be performed on a teenager when he or she reached the age of 14 and above. But, as a parent, it is a must for you to tell your teenage about the benefits and the possible risks of the surgery. But if your teen already made up his or her mind, searching for the trusted surgeon is a must. And the Bangkok plastic surgery will ensure that your teen is in the good hands.