Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Today, millions of people own a cell phone, and some people even have two – one for work, and one for personal use. The use of cell phones has spread around the globe, and even children as young as 10 have cell phones nowadays. But while cell phones certainly have their purpose, allowing us to connect with each other in ways never before seen, they do have some detrimental effects as well. There are studies being conducted right now on the detrimental impact of cell phones on our bodies, particularly in regard to cell phone radiation and high levels of electromagnetic fields. If you and your family are avid cell phone users, what is constant cell phone use doing to your health? Here’s the truth about cell phone radiation you should know.

What it can do

Most of us use our cell phone by holding it close to our head, especially when making a call. But even when you are merely texting or browsing on your cell phone, you are still holding that cell phone near your head. A neurosurgeon named Keith Black, in an interview in 2011, stated that a cell phone could generate or produce microwave radiation since it has an antenna. He also said that this microwave radiation could go into the brain. The closer the person using the cell phone holds it to their head, the higher the level of radiation goes into the brain. He went on to say that when this energy and radiation hits the tissues of the body, many are concerned that it may cause biological cells to transform and change into cells which are cancerous.

Cancer can develop over a good number of years, so the effects of the use of cell phones on the development of cancers such as brain cancer may take scientists and researchers decades to prove, much less completely understand. But Dr Keith Black compared prolonged cell phone use to smoking as well: if someone starts smoking at 12, they will probably not develop cancer until they are in their 40s or 50s, across decades of continuous exposure.

What other experts have to say

Even the Environmental Health Trust has something to say as well. According to them, research has shown that chronic and regular exposure to technology such as wireless networks can reduce the cells in the brain. Researchers have also seen that it can cause death to brain cells related to memory and the cells in the brain’s learning centres. Furthermore, according to research, after a total of 50 minutes of having wireless devices next to the head, people had more glucose in the portions of the body which were exposed. And an increase in glucose can result in insulin-resistant brain cells. Brain cells which are insulin-resistant are characteristic in diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Other major effects

While the effects mentioned above are quite severe; there can be other daily effects as well. For instance, if you have headaches, this may be related to cell phone use and wireless network exposure. Too much exposure to electromagnetic fields may also lead to insomnia and stress, particularly constant exposure for long periods of time. There is some good news, however. You can try to protect yourself from cell phone radiation by using products designed for cell phone radiation protection, such as shields and phone chips. You can also limit your cell phone calls to only a few minutes and place your cell phone on speaker mode instead of holding it directly against your ear.