Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
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Floors get dirty all day, and they may spread illness and infection. Keeping the floors clean with disinfectant is key to an illness-free home.

It is the largest part of the house, but you scarcely realise it. The floor in your house comprises the home’s entire carpet area, and it is the single most used surface of the house daily.

However, apart from some rudimentary mopping, how invested are you with regards to having clean, germ-free floors?

The floor gathers daily dust, grime and dirt from footwear, droppings and secretions from pests, food spills, water splashes, etc. All of these combine to make the floor dirty and rife with germs. You may sit on the floor and get these germs on your clothes and skin. Or your feet may trail them into your bed. Chances are high that they may enter your body or contaminate your food, causing a variety of ailments like typhoid, diarrhoea, dysentery, etc.

The floor might look clean after you finish mopping it, but it is not truly clean until it is germ free as well. The best way to ensure a germ-free floor, is to mop it with a disinfectant floor cleaner liquid mixed in clean cool water.

The uses of disinfectant liquids

Most disinfectant liquids are used on human skin to clean it of dirt and dust, and to aid healing of wounds. But the best disinfectants have a multipurpose purview: they can be used on the human skin as well as to clean surfaces, and they serve an important purpose as a floor cleaner.

Look for a disinfectant that cleans up to 99.9% germs. This is how you use it:

  • Sweep the floor and remove all visible dust and dirt. Use a vacuum cleaner in the corners.
  • Mix a capful of the floor cleaner in 1 litre of cold water. Mix it thoroughly and dip the mop or duster in it.Wring the excess water out of the mop or duster and mop the floor from the corner furthest to the door and proceed towards the door. Keep the fan on and the window open so that the floor may air dry.
  • Do not walk on the floor till it is completely dry. Wash the mop or duster in cold water and hang to dry.
  • Use this floor cleaner solution every day to rid the floor of all infectious germs and other impurities.

Even other surfaces in the house need disinfection

Diseases like typhoid and diarrhoea are not caused only by dirty floors, but mostly by unclean cooking and food preparation surfaces.

You can use the disinfectant liquid to clean hard surfaces like cook tops, food preparation areas, kitchen sink and around it, wash basins, faucets, door knobs and handles, flush knobs, mirrors, tiles, etc.

Once you have cleaned the house and disinfected it, make sure to use antibacterial liquid hand wash soap to clean your hands thoroughly and kill harmful germs on the skin.