Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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We present a list of products that will give you clean, germ-free bathrooms with every use.

Keeping a bathroom clean is tough but necessary. Bathrooms are often wet and warm, thereby attracting dirt and grime. They provide favourable conditions for mould and bacteria to develop freely.

As part of bathroom hygiene, you must scrub the toilet, bathroom floor, shower area, wash basin, cistern and flush tank handles thoroughly to rid them of any infectious organisms.

Bathroom cleaning isn’t the most pleasant household chore; it also means dealing with a lot of cleaners, disinfectants, soaps and brushes. However, choosing the right products will make your job a lot quicker and easier.

Here are 5 essential bathroom products you must use to clean your bathroom:

1) Multi-use hygiene liquid: Shower areas attract mould since they remain damp for longer. Use a multi-use hygiene liquid to easily clean the bathroom and toilet floor, tiles and bathroom door after a bath.This reduces the build-up of grime and mould, keeping your shower area 99.9% germ-free.

2) Disinfectant wipes: Clean the surfaces around and near the wash basin with anti-bacterial, disinfectant wipes at the end of the day.Disinfectant wipes can also clean out stains. When used as directed, these wipes can get rid of 99.9% of disease-spreading bacteria.

3) Toilet cleaner: Use a good quality toilet cleaner and brush to scrub any tough dirt stuck in your toilet. Unclean toilets aresome of the prime reasons why diseases like typhoid, diarrhoea and food poisoning spread quickly. Make sure you regularly disinfect any cloths and brushes that you use for bathroom cleaning as well, and keep them in a cool, dry place separate from the rest of the cleaning implements used elsewhere in the house.

4) Liquid handwash: Bacteria responsible for contagious diseases spread easily because of unclean hands touching various surfaces of your home. The best way to nip the spread of these germs and bacteria is to wash your hands with antibacterial liquid hand soap every time you visit the toilet. Leading liquid hand washes offer 99.9% germ protection and a pH balance formula to keep your hands healthyand soft with every wash.

5) Rubber gloves: Invest in a pair of good quality rubber gloves that you can set aside just to clean your bathroom. Your shower and toilet area can have a lot of germs, and it is best to avoid direct skin-to-surface contact in these areas. However, do remember to wash your hands with antibacterial handwash and clean water thoroughly even after wearing gloves during the cleaning process.

It is best to clean your bathroom twice a week to prevent dirt and grime building up in various crevices, corners and tile joints. Germs settle in very quickly in unclean toilets, but regular bathroom cleaning with quality products keeps the germs and infectious bacteria away. Keeping the bathroom and toilet clean can go a long way in ensuring the good health of your family.