Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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This low-end multifunctional elliptical machine is a very economical machine, especially aimed at beginners. It is designed for a gentle and not very frequent exercise. If you want to know its main characteristics and qualities, we encourage you to continue reading.

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What does the Fitfiu ORB2600S have?

Acquiring a low-end bicycle does not mean buying a defective or ineffective machine. The low-end bicycles are simpler machines, with fewer functionalities and technological advances, but this does not imply that they cannot perfectly fulfill the function for which they were designed.

If you are looking to lose weight, keep fit or progress smoothly in maintaining your fitness, a low-end elliptical bike can be very useful. This is the case of the Fitfiu ORB26002 elliptical machine, a very simple machine with quite limited functionalities, but that can be very useful and efficient for gentle training performed by athletes who start in the indoor exercise. Thus, the main features of the Fitfiu ORB2600S are:

5 kg inertia disc:  This is the disc that offers resistance to pedaling and, the heavier, the movements will be smoother. A 5kg disc for a bike as economical as the Fitfiu ORB2600S is a very good disc, which provides pedaling fluid stability.

Magnetic Resistance System: It is manually adjustable, with eight intensity levels. There are enough levels for a beginner user and to help progress slowly in the effort on the bike.

Maximum user weight  This bike supports a maximum user weight of 10 kilograms. It is always better not to touch the limit because, in that case, we could damage some parts of the bicycle.

Non-slip pedals:  The Fitfiu ORRB2600S does not consist solely of non-slip pedals, but these are also large, which results in much more comfort for the athlete.

Handlebar and saddle: The padded handlebar and the adjustable saddle are other factors that influence comfort and improve the training experience.

LCD screen: It is a multifunction screen that includes common information on these devices, such as speed or distance traveled.

Transport wheels: This bike weighs only 28 kilograms. The elliptical bike should not be very light to provide greater safety, but 28 kilos is a sufficient weight to provide stability. On the other hand, the transport wheels help to move these 28 kilograms of the bicycle to the place that is necessary.

Design: It is a factor that we often underestimate or disregard when choosing an elliptical machine. The Fitfiu ORB2600S can boast a beautiful and functional design. The silver color is very easy to combine in any room.

Conclusions of the Fitfiu ORB2600S

We recommend the Fitfiu ORB2600S to beginner athletes with limited budgets who, in addition, wish to perform gentle and non-daily workouts. This elliptical machine is not designed for very frequent workouts or for very demanding use.