Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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A Virginia doctor will spend 40 years in prison. He’s sentenced for unlawfully prescribing over 0.5 million doses of oxycodone, hydromorphone, fentanyl, and not only to people in need of treatment for more than 1 year. Are you on the lookout for a safe and cheap nutraceutical merchant account? Do you need more information concerning the topic? If yes, you’re at the right place.

Virginia Doctor Sentenced: Safe Nutraceutical Merchant Account

The name of the mentioned doctor is Joel Smithers. He was sentenced Oct. 2, 2019, and will spend 40 years in federal prison. The reason is that Smithers has prescribed over 0.5 million opioid pills to patients.

This doctor’s office didn’t have all the necessary medical supplies and the receptionist didn’t provide the necessary care to the patients. Now, he must pay $86.000, on 861 federal drug charges in U.S. District Court in Abingdon.

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Doctor Joel Smithers Imprisoned

20 years out of 40 are given to the doctor because he’d prescribed opioids to a woman in West Virginia that took her life away. The death was caused after the patient took oxycodone and oxymorphone, following Smithers’ prescriptions. This is according to the Department of Justice. The jury says the prescriptions were the very cause of what happened.

In fact, over 500.000 opioid tablets were prescribed by him in 19 months prior to federal agents’ arrival at his Martinsville office in March 2017 with a search warrant. The information is provided by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The latter is responsible for tracking how and where each and every pain pill is sold in the country.

To sum up, a Virginia doctor has received 40 years of imprisonment because of his unlawful prescriptions concerning over half a million opioid tablets. Now, he’s sentenced and will spend 40 years in a federal prison, as a federal court in Virginia reports.

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