Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Critical is a strain with a high-yield and has a spicy and pungent aroma similar to smell of rotting wood. On the other hand, Purple OG; a heavy Indica variety, has great foliage. On combining these two varieties, we get a compact, potent and high-yielding strain, the stuff of dreams for any weed connoisseur.

With around 18% THC content mixed with aromatic terpenes, a smoothing high is induced which relieves pain and stress. Moreover, the strain also has an earthy flavour enhanced by coffee like hint which gives the strain, a fruity twist.


How to grow Critical Purple Kush?

This hybrid herb exhibits shades of purple by the end of its blooming period. While the growth of these plants can be managed indoors, if the same process is replicated outdoors, they grow up to a height of 2.5m. This does not imply that the indoor yield is unimpressive in any way. Weed growers who are in a rush, need not worry as this herb takes only 55 days to bloom and result in a bumper harvest of Critical Purple Kush buds which glitter in the light. Cultivators also get an excellent resin production, making it quite suitable for manufacturing concentrates.


Indoor growth process

Indoors, the herb’s growth process is quite similar to Critical Mass. It is recommended that around 9-12 plants are placed per square meter, giving them plenty of space to grow perfectly. Done correctly, cultivators can harvest around 400-500gm weed per square meter. The humidity should always be checked as excess humidity can result in mildew affecting the buds. In around 8 to 10 weeks, the herb should be ready for harvest.


Outdoor yield

If you plan to grow the herb outdoors, ensure that a decent trellis has been set up so that the plant’s branches are strong. Given proper space, these plants can grow to enormous lengths. However, one should think before doing so, especially those living in a rainy climate. Its buds being dense, it is quite difficult to prevent the buds from absorbing excess water. They can grow up to 2m tall and each plant produces around 750gm at the end of the harvest period nearing the end of September.


Properties of Critical Purple Kush

It has a sweet and earthy flavour and provides a surge of energy to the consumer. Its therapeutic effect makes it quite relaxing


Pharmaceutical applications

Critical Purple Kush is ideal for treating ailments such as stress, pain, loss of appetite, insomnia and depression. People who use this herb experience feelings such as sleepiness, euphoria, hunger and happiness.


Side effects

This kind of weed is known to have effects such as anxiety, headaches, dry eyes, mouth and paranoia in some consumers.