Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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Over time, cannabis has become more than just that plant that is illegal in most states. As much as not all governments have lifted the ban, more countries are becoming more accepting of the plant. This is because scientists have shown that there is a lot more that cannabis can offer than just THC. Marijuana has made a significant contribution to the growth of the global economy as it has seen the establishment of businesses such as Redding Dispensary that distribute the product in its different forms. There is no denying the fact that the plant has been having a moment.

The fantastic part is that scientists have discovered that the plant can be useful for your appearance too.

How is that?

  1. Anti-inflammation

As much as cannabis extracts such as cannabinoids reduce pain, this sort of inflammation also inclines on beauty. We are talking about rashes and bumps. Both THC and CBD have amazing anti-inflammation properties. By consuming the products through the various available methods like topicals, you can easily ward off such ailments and keep healthy skin. Besides, it is also known to be a very effective cure for acne.

  1. Faster absorption of body creams

In the presence of cannabis, body creams tend to work better. This is because cannabis contains compounds known as terpenes, which increase the porosity of the skin. Therefore, if you apply lotions, they are absorbed much better and faster. It is, therefore, becomes easier to keep your skin nourished. The quicker the skin products are absorbed, the better they work.

It is therefore recommended that you apply your lotion alongside cannabis oil.

  1. Better hair growth

Most people have challenges with growing healthy hair. This can be attributed to several factors, ranging from weather conditions. Thanks to cannabis, hair growth can be stimulated. This is through the use of hemp seed oil, which is a product of cannabis. It is filled with fatty acids and vitamins that stimulate hair growth. Also, the product has been found to have proteins that also lead to stronger strands.

There is also another way that cannabis stimulates hair growth: by keeping the follicles nourished. Note that cannabis boosts blood circulation. As more of it circulates to the scalp, the follicles get nutrients and adequate oxygen, which leads to the growth of healthy hair.

Hemp Seed oil is a natural product of cannabis: the hemp seed oil is usually filled with vitamins that are good for the hair

  1. Protection of the skin from free radicals

The skin needs to be protected from UV rays and other pollutants. They cause damage to the skin and hasten aging. Cannabis possesses antioxidant properties that will protect your skin from the free radicals hence maintain the glow.

As you have seen, cannabis has the power to improve your appearance. Start investing in cannabis products for better skin, hair, and nails.