Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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If you are interested in learning about the latest developments occurring in the NBA, you will want to check out our NBA podcast. Below, we will be going over reasons to tune into the latest episode of our NBA podcast.

The Top Reasons To Check Out Our Podcast:

  1. The NBA’s Latest Rumors.

One of the most exciting things about staying up to date about the NBA is all of the movement happening around the league. We have the latest and greatest in NBA rumors which will give you a good insight into who is most likely to be moved, where they are going, and more information on free agent signings and potential trades. We love discussing the new rumors that are popping up on a daily basis and our listeners love hearing about it.

  1. Fantasy Sports.

We know how popular fantasy sports have become and we have a lot of information on the new waiver additions to consider making potential trades fantasy players should look into making, and more. We have it all when it comes to fantasy basketball and putting yourself in the best position to win your league.

  1. Embracing Analytics.

We know how analytic driven the sport has become. If you are someone that enjoys listening to and hearing about true shooting percentages and who is really performing well in terms of efficiency, we have got you covered. Gone are the days where you simply look at the stat sheet to see who put up the most points. The entire league is embracing an analytic-driven approach that can help you determine who is contributing positively to their team and who might be overrated.

  1. Weekly Matchup Discussions.

We go over some of the weekly matchups to look out for. By checking out our podcast weekly, you will be able to figure out what games you should be tuning in for and what matchups you might want to avoid entirely. There are a lot of weekly can’t miss matchups that you will want to be certain you are tuning into. Therefore, if you want to get the weekly set of games that you shouldn’t miss, you should tune into each episode.

  1. Consistent Weekly Hot Takes.

We have a hot takes section where we go over some of the things that we think need to be said. We also go over things that might be controversial lines of thinking. If you are interested in player discussing who is the better player or things that go against conventional lines of thinking, be sure to tune into our NBA podcast.

Overall, if you are a fan of the NBA, you won’t want to miss what our round table has to say. We go into detail some of the latest happenings within the industry and we really dive into the NBA in a way that a fan would appreciate. Be sure to check out our latest episode for the latest movement and happenings going on within the NBA industry.