Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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If you are wondering what the best–recommended cycle of steroid is, then the answer would be, it entirely depends on your personal goal. Individual cycles would vary depending on their goal whether it is to build lean muscle mass, you want fast results or you want to start a cutting cycle. If you are actually concerned about your health, then it is better you stay away from these anabolic steroids. The reason behind is most steroids are associated with certain common side effects like suppression of the production of natural testosterone, high blood pressure, liver damage, altered cholesterol levels, hair loss leading to baldness, gynecomastia, acne and a lot more.

What is a steroid cycle?

A steroid cycle indicates the duration of usage of ananabolic steroid. An ideal cycle normally lasts for about 4 to 16 weeks. Certain factors on which the duration depends are your experience as a user, goal and the steroid you have chosen. The phase when you are taking the steroid it is termed as “on-cycle” while you have taken a break it is known as “off-cycle”.Some examples of steroid cyclesinclude only the steroid in concern while others include a combination of other steroid or non-steroidal products like thyroid hormones, peptide hormones etc.

Five popular examples

The five most popular steroid cycles are:

  • The beginner cycle – It is a combination of 500mg of Testoterone-Enanthate and 200mg of DecaDurabolanboth weakly for all 12 weeks. This stack is recommended for any beginner. It is known to give excellent results with least side effects.
  • The kickstart beginner cycle– It is a combination of 500mg of Testoterone-Enanthate, 200mg of DecaDurabolan both weakly for all 12 weeks and 25mg of Dianaboldaily for the first 6 weeks. It is similar to the beginner cycle with Dianabol, a fast acting steroid added to it. It helps in attaining great muscles in the initial stage.
  • Classic cut – It is a combination of 100mg of Testoterone-Propionate, 75mg of Trenbolone-Acetate both daily for all 12 weeks and Winstrol 50 daily from the 7th to 12th This is a very popular cutting cycle. When accompanied by a good diet you can expect excellent results.
  • Winnie the Pooh – It is a combination of 500mg of Testoterone-Enanthate weekly for all 12 weeks and 50mg of Winstrol daily from the 7th to 12thWinstrol is popular amongst the athletes for attaining a cut physique and when combined with testosterone it helps you to maintain your hormone level.
  • Lonely cycle – Standalone cycles are also quite popular amongst the users. Some of them are Test, Tren and Sustanon.

The length of the cycle

From the examples of steroid cycles ,we can say that the average length of a steroid cycle may last for about 6 to 12 weeks. As per your requirement, it can be extended or reduced. The duration also depends on factors like genetics of the user, goals and if it is being taken alone or along with other steroids. The length of the cycle also depends on the type of the steroid, its dosage, form etc. Oral steroids are known to act faster so they should be taken for a shorter period. In case of injectable steroids, the duration should be longer to see visible results.