Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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When you’ve come to the conclusion that now is finally the time to quit smoking, you’re doing your health a huge favor. But the best part is that you don’t have to completely break the habit without finding a suitable, healthy replacement. So today, we’re going to list 3 of the best healthy alternatives to smoking:

Chewing gum

For certain adults, having a cigarette in their mouths is just like when the babies crave to chew on a pacifier. Of course, seeing an adult chewing on something like that would probably raise some eye-brows, but luckily, there is a healthy and completely socially-accepted alternative: chewing gum!

According to research, it’s not only the nicotine that gets us hooked; it’s the oral fixation. Chewing gum accomplishes two things: not only does it satisfy the craving for having something in one’s mouth, but also maintains proper acidity levels in it. Apart from that, it’s actually quite healthy for your teeth and gums (but you need to be careful for it to be sugar-free) and dentists recommend it as well.

Flavored toothpicks

Just like chewing gum, flavored toothpicks will keep your mouth busy without having a negative effect on your health. Also, by using them, you will effectively get rid of any food pieces that get stuck in your mouth, which will benefit your oral hygiene.

To keep things even more entertaining and fun, flavored toothpicks come is a variety of flavors. Oftentimes, they’re made from organic materials such as birchwood or bamboo, making them a completely safe choice.


As you can imagine, e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, which is something that makes them much less dangerous. Also, since they’re tobacco-free, you don’t have to worry about developing an addiction.

The research that has been done thus far has reached a conclusion that e-cigarettes are a helpful tool that leads the smokers towards dropping the habit, since this is very hard to do so just like that, without replacing it with another activity. In essence, e-cigarettes make it easier to either reduce the amount of conventional smoking, or completely eliminate it from people’s lives altogether.

Recently, the British drug-regulatory authority has determined that e-cigarettes are now approved as a quit-smoking-medicine.

In terms of satisfying the nicotine cravings, the smokers will be pleased to know that these devices have the capacity to deliver it as rapidly as a normal cigarette would. Also, the current evidence suggests that e-cigarettes are relatively safe to use, and far less threatening to one’s health than cigarettes.

Finally, the final thing that needs to be mentioned is that purchasing additional e liquid will cost you much less money than buying new packs of cigarettes would.


Just by reading this article, you’re now equipped with 3 healthy alternatives to smoking. Not only are they cheaper than having to buy new packs of cigarettes all the time, they’re also much healthier and almost non-destructive to the environment. If you haven’t considered trying them as of yet, you need to do so as soon as possible.