Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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When it comes to shoes, regardless of who they are for, there sure is a lot of choice. The problem is a lot of the shoes out there are just not very good for the health of your feet. Many are stiff, too thin for our feet and do not give us adequate room. This is even more crucial for a toddler so picking footwear that is going to ensure that your toddler’s feet can grow well and be healthy is important.

When picking out shoes make sure that the sole is flexible. Try to avoid stiff shoes that have no flexibility and also if possible one’s that have minimal flexibility too. Going for shoes that allow your child to walk as they would barefoot is key. Rubber soles are usually best for this. There are many brands these days that cater specifically to ensure that a growing foot can move about. There are also shoes that have suede soles but these are only suitable for dry weather as they are not waterproof. These will however give your child’s feet the flexibility they would have if completely barefoot.

A baby’s foot is entirely different to an adults. Whereas an adult’s is formed and the bones hardened, a child’s foot is composed of cartilage that is flexible. As a child grows this hardens. If you put your child in shoes that are too tight or too rigid, you can change the way your child’s foot forms and this can cause problems later in life. This is why it is recommended to let your toddler be barefoot whenever possible.

Besides flexibility, make sure there is plenty room for your toddler’s toes. The more room the better. You should also try to pick shoes that are lightweight and not so heavy.

Besides picking good flexible footwear, it is also a good idea to let your toddler be barefoot as much as possible. Let them be barefoot in the garden, the house and just whenever it is convenient. Allowing your child to be free from shoes as much as possible will ensure good foot growth and health. It can help prevent common foot conditions created and caused by poor stiff footwear.

Many parents have so many concerns when it comes to parenting that feet are often overlooked but they are important. Don’t get cheap shoes – shoes are much more important than clothing. Clothes can’t change the way your child is shaped, but rigid shoes can – so be carefully what you put on them.