Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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Before undergoing breast augmentation, it is important to know that the procedure itself is just the beginning. Breast augmentation in orange county can be performed in a few hours by ourqualified plastic surgeon, werequire careful attention during recovery to ensure the best possible result, our skilled plastic surgeon and team performs over 700 of these procedures a year.In this article, we review the breast augmentation recovery timeline and see how you can prepare for your postoperative trip.

Tips for a Recovery in Breast Augmentation

  • Be sure to follow all post-procedure instructions provided by your surgeon. This is critical!
  • Attend all postoperative appointments with your surgeon.
  • Wear surgical bras and other clothing as directed by your surgeon.
  • Eat light and healthy foods and drink plenty of water.
  • Give yourself a full week off work.
  • Wear loose clothing, specifically upper parts that do not require you to raise your arms to put them on.
  • Massage your breasts routinely if your surgeon advises you to do so.
  • Choose a good caregiver. They should be with you for the first 24 hours after the procedure. If you have young children, you may need to establish a dedicated care provider for the first 2 or 3 days.
  • Make sure you sleep on your back and lean on pillows. This will help facilitate getting in and out of bed. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or side for 6 weeks after your procedure.
  • Limit any physical movement that causes the breasts to bounceuntil fully healed.
  • Avoid trying to look at your scars as this could reopen your wounds.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Stages

Breast augmentation surgery is an intervention that does not involve large sacrifices during recovery, being this simple and comfortable in most cases.

First 2 to 3 days

Pain is a normal symptom in breast implants, on the first day above all, the patient will feel a series of postoperative discomforts, which are usually manageable with medications or injections to soothe the pain.Another common symptom is the feeling of pressure in the breasts, which with the passing of days will decrease, it is advisable to keep absolute rest for at least 2 days. In addition, you should not perform physical effort or sudden movements with the arms, it is recommended to sleep on your back and perform gentle massages in the intervened area.

About 3 to 5 days

If the sensation of pain becomes more tolerable, the consumption of medications should be discontinued. In the event that the pain persists and feels punctures, burning or cramps in the shoulders, neck or back, a muscle or relaxing pain reliever should be taken.

5 to 7 days

As the days go by, the body adapts to the weight of the new breasts and the pain is almost imperceptible. These days, one can already return to their daily activities or work, as long as it does not involve the use of physical force. Also, the patient can now sleep on her side.

From the first day, the surgeon recommends the use of a special bra (bra) for 1 month, this will help maintain the posture, since with the weight one tends to bend the back.

The first fortnight of Breast Augmentation 18 (15 days)

Following all the doctor’s instructions to the letter, in 15 days the body is already better able to start some physical exercise. These exercises should be carried out in short series, if the pectoral area is worked, it is better that they be smooth and series movements. Avoid jumping exercises.

At 4 weeks (1 month)

After passing the first month’s adventures, breast implants feel more natural and take the same skin tone. In addition, it is recommended to attend an appointment with the surgeon to receive the “approval” to replace the bra with a normal one.

At 6 weeks

Now you can sleep in the position you want, sideways or upside down. New implants feel better adapted to the body and you can perform all your daily activities normally.

At 6 months

As you can tell, life is not the same with more pronounced and firm breasts. Each time, the implants feel more natural and the touch is softer, as if they were real! In addition, the small scar of the operation is almost imperceptible, it should only be protected from the sun during the first year and with the use of special creams it helps to disappear the marks.

Final Results

There is a certain amount of greater self-esteem and self confidence that can result.The patient who wants the increase should not be influenced by family or friends as to whether the surgery should be performed or not and which size is the most desirable. This is a very personal matter for most patients and satisfaction is better when the patient makes the decisions.

Perform your Procedures in Certified Hands

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